Thursday, May 17, 2012

Local La Barbe feminists would win big at Le Boring

Not unlike the occutards who disrupted a Perth City Council meeting laughably claiming to champion "freedom of speech", spoiled brat feminist bimbos made nuisances of themselves at a Melbourne Mining Club event being held at the Melbourne Town Hall. Their tragically inane and puerile demonstration involved wearing fake beards and handing out awards for sexism to some of those attending.

The haughty hoydens actually looked quite young; certainly no older than thirty (a number that also described their collective IQ, no doubt). How sad that these activists were employing the kind of agit-prop that would have been yawn-inducing way back in the seventies, a decade long before they were even born.

Sadder still, and in another parallel with the Occupy "movement", La Barbe Australia is a local version of a French feminist "satirical" group. How's that, eh? They're thick, obnoxious, irrelevant and not even original.

If these dippy airheads were to refocus even a tenth of the energy they expend on railing against a fictional "patriarchy" and being total asshats in public they might actually achieve something of value in the real world. Hell, women have been doing it for ages anyway. Catch up, chicky-babes!

Since they're so fond of giving out awards, I'll suggest one for them. It's both geographically appropriate and one that they richly deserve: the coveted Gold Bore at the world renowned Le Boring festival.

Yeah, I know it's just a fictional French event dreamed up by the Goodies, but it's the thought that counts.

(Hat tip to Tim Blair.)

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