Friday, May 4, 2012

The Project's blowhards bully Steve Price on asylum seekers

The Project is one of the most dreadful shows on television. The regular panel members are all insufferably smug, vain and vacuous, as well as being drearily PC. The way they all affect a cheerful demeanour, yucking it up at every opportunity, just makes you wanna hurl!

Everything about the show is bogus. Not surprisingly they're all Labor luvvies (birds of a feather and all that). They often suck up to the Government, and I suspect that at least one of them has long term political aspirations. I reckon you might even see one of these airheads being parachuted into a safe Labor seat in years to come -- er, if there are any such seats left, that is.

Last night's show was a perfect example of their shameless tyre-pumping. They did a story on the Government's daffy plan to pay Aussies $300 a week to host asylum seekers in their homes (story starts around the 9 minute mark).

Desperate to display their fake "compassion" they enthusiastically endorsed the plan. Carrie Bickmore said she was "open" to the idea of having an asylum seeker in her house. As Tabbydevils said on Twitter this was "like clicking 'maybe' on a Facebook invitation. We all know it means 'no'."

At the end of the segment Steve Price appeared to put the eeevil conservative point of view. The pompous pack just couldn't handle it. They suffered a fit of collective lefteous indignation and did their best to shut him up. It was amazingly immature and unprofessional.

The funniest bit was when they started mocking him for selfishly refusing to share his big ten-room mansion. As if they are not well paid themselves, and don't aspire to material success. 

While they all ganged up like the nasty, petty bullies they are deep down he managed to make the point that none of them would put up an asylum seeker in their homes either.

Their hypocrisy was on open display. But it didn't bother them. It makes you wonder what they think of their audience. They must hold them in utter contempt. 

The only reason they had Price on was to bag and bully him -- not to engage in any kind of debate. This tactic is so typical of the Left. They never play the ball, always the man. They are always trying to force confrontations in which they can shout down a dissenter. It's truly nasty, primitive stuff.

The message to those watching is two-fold. Firstly they're telling them that the person they're shouting at is such a bad and horrible man that anything he says should not even be allowed to be heard. Secondly -- and this is the more sinister part -- they're issuing a warning to those presently on their side. They're saying don't you dare consider listening to the dissenter and actually considering his arguments. If you do that, you will be given the same abusive, hectoring treatment.

It's all fear-based, see. The collective keeps its members -- and followers -- in line by way of veiled threats. What an ugly world they live in.

And this is just a pack of bloody TV blowhards, where the collectivism is comparatively mild! Imagine what it must be like in the ALP, or worse still the Greens.

Ugh. The mere thought of it makes my skin walk.


  1. Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes are pathetic excuses to host this pathetic show. Left-wing twits who think that they are worldly, but in reality have no idea what it's like to have REALITY HIT THEM IN THE FACE.

    Steve Price got them when he asked if they would take in asylum seekers into their own homes, and they didn't even say a definite 'yes', but 'maybe' .

    Most likely Charlie, Carrie and Dave are racists themselves, just like most people are but they are just too smug and self-righteous to acknowledge it. I can't see Carrie Bickmore would marry an Asian or Aboriginal guy. If you asked her if she would, she'd say "Possibly" but not "oh yes if he is compatible with me".

    The Project should just get axed ASAP as its ratings are not going to be beyond the average mark of 500,000k. It targets towards the bogan/working class and Gen X demographics. The three hosts uses bullying, mockery and insults to get their ratings going.

  2. Yeah, I liked the show when it started, but now it's just a suck up fest for the Labor Party and it's cronies.

    Abbott could drag a kid from a burning house and they'd be speculating on whether he did more harm than good with his rescue technique or if he only did it for political gain.

    " The Circle " anyone ?

  3. Perhaps they have been pretrained in the upcoming legislation retricting media to only praise the labor party.

    It's always funny when you consider the spelling of labor party. Clearly no room for u.

  4. Good journalism offends one eyed, tunnel visioned, rusted on Righties or Lefties. Stop winging consider what is said, think objectively and make your mind up. It is not always one way.


  5. y country's president is a dictator. I have gone on television and spoken about how I despise the president and the way he runs our country. Now, the president has ordered security and police to arrest me. I fear that I will be jailed and harmed based on my political opinion.asylum usa

  6. So to all you Conservative twits, it's okay to have Rupert's 70% media trolls blindly supporting Tony "Is it suppository or repository?" Abbott but not okay for anyone else to show support for any other party? Get over yourselves.

  7. C'mon, you can't be intelligent and support Tony Abbott too.

  8. I thought the panel was very rude in the way they shut down Steve Price on the show you mentioned and Carrie's body language screams "I don't like you!"....makes me very uncomfortable to watch it.

  9. Bickmore's can barely hide her open disdain for Steve Price, which yes extremely uncomfortable to watch - which is interesting as he logically presents views - yet this show is not really interested in facts!!

  10. The worst thing about the project is that they continue to give right-wing wankers like Steve Price a voice.

  11. If you think the Project is left wing then Australia has problems. It is ultra conservative. That guy Steve seems so angry all the time. I agree with their smugness.