Monday, April 30, 2012

Creamfields festival fall a sign of the times

I tell you, the older I get the crustier and fustier I become. I'm very unimpressed with the behaviour of young folk today. They seem to have little or no sense of responsibility, and are often severely lacking in empathy.

I know you could find any number of po-mo quackademics who'd disagree vehemently. They'd say I'm pushing an ageist, conservative moral panic and that today's teenagers and twenty somethings are all really switched on and sensible. That's crap, I reckon.

Yes, I am a curmudgeon pushin' fifty but I was young once too, remember. And back in those times I can't recall my contemporaries being anywhere near as reckless and stupid as the youth of today.

Take this near tragedy in which a bloke fell twenty metres from scaffolding at the Creamfields dance music festival. I'm glad he's okay, but he was a total knob for climbing up there in the first place. 

And it wasn't just his actions that were so alarming. Watch the video and you'll see a young woman in the foreground. Look at her reaction as the bloke plummets earthward and in the seconds afterwards, when his fate was not yet known. She actually finds it funny.


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  1. I'm going to have to agree here, and it's one reason I no longer attend such concerts.

    Between excessive alcohol being served and creating louts, to people drugged off their faces (even before entry), and yet those wanting to bring in unsealed water are treated like criminals and given a thorough searching over.

    You have to ask though, what's security doing whilst this bloke is climbing up the scaffolding in the first place? He should never have made it even a quarter of the way up there before being brought down and kicked out.

    Speaking of which it's reported the bloke discharged himself from hospital shortly after being taken there, and later tried to gain re-entry to Creamfields.

    What a joke!