Saturday, April 28, 2012

James Delingpole vs Jon Faine

ABC broadcaster Jon Faine's interview with James Delingpole is hilarious. It's actually a lot like the one the climate change skeptic had with BBC airhead Richard Bacon.

Faine's disdain for his subject is obvious right from the outset. And Delingpole comes out fighting. The discussion is very snippy indeed.

What's most revealing is Faine's tragically thin skin. He keeps protesting that he's not a greenie (yeah sure, and polar bears'll fly out of my butt!) and that he's just being "professional".

That's a standard tactic of the deep green, PC left. They always say "We are detached, dispassionate, objective, scientific. Those eeevil, greedy, planet-raping capitalists are the extreme and emotional ones!" Not only is this a slimy, dishonest tactic, it's also very cowardly. Faine, like all those other commie weasels, just doesn't have the balls to nail his colours to the mast.

As Delingpole himself says in the interview: Why don't they just be upfront about their sympathies? Hell, everybody knows what they believe anyway. The commissar has no clothes, that's for sure.

Delingpole is honest about his bias. He, like so many conservatives, believes that capitalism, democracy and freedom of speech are great things. Not only are they the best way to improve the lot of us humans; they also cause less damage to the environment than leftist, utopian regimes.

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