Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gina Rinehart moves on Fairfax. Stranegly, feminists not cheering

So Gina Rinehart is buying a stake in Fairfax and Labor pollies and lefties in the meeja are very, very afraid. That's to be expected

But what surprises me is how few feminists are applauding the fact that there's a woman with so much power. They're forever demanding that there be more women on boards, and committees and such ... And they're always whining about the glass ceiling. Well here's one chick who's well and truly smashed through it -- from above! Surely they can put their other political beliefs aside and celebrate this achievement.

If they can't that would imply that they are not true to their stated goal of empowering women; that they are overwhelmingly full of BS, wouldn't it? And that just couldn't be the case, could it? Surely not!

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