Friday, February 24, 2012

Andrew Mallard and John Button support Justice For All Day

Andrew Mallard and John Button suffered terribly due to horrendous miscarriages of justice. So I don't want to trivialize their suffering.

However, I have to say that they do look a little silly with their blue make-up and t-shirts reading "innocence + prison = nightmare" as they do their bit for Justice For All Day. Most people in Perth do know who they are and I think they'd lend greater gravitas without the get-up.

And where did the idea for it come from? The article states:

Spokeswoman Estelle Blackburn, who campaigned to overturn Mr Button's conviction, said supporters of the campaign would paint their faces half blue, like warriors fighting for freedom in the movie Braveheart.

With respect, I think linking a pro-justice campaign indirectly to Mel Gibson is not such a smart move. While he's never gone to prison himself, he's certainly guilty as hell!

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  1. I believe it was a great idea to have the faces painted in blue.

    Not in order to remember the star of the movie Braveheart, but to remember of the feeling of braveness of a fight that needs to happen. It does remember a very important moment of the movie, it represents the feeling of pain and indignation that is transformed into courage to fight and make the difference.

    In this case is a fight for justice. It is outrageous to have innocent people sent to jail in WA. One person can make a difference. They are having the courage that only a few people have.