Thursday, February 23, 2012

Angus Paterson, cameraman hit by Gillard's convoy, is a legend!

This accident in which a cameraman was run over by a car in Gillard's convoy, seems almost like a metaphor for the current state of the Labor Party. They just blithely go on pursuing their own petty, internal agendas, waging war against each other. And if any lowly Australian citizen gets in the way, well, stuff 'em!

I saw at least one TV journo -- very supportive of Gillard in his report, by the way --  more or less blame the photographer himself for the mishap. Well, whether it was Angus Paterson's fault or not, you have to be impressed by his reaction to having his foot run over.

In the video footage he himself filmed he falls to the ground in agony, yet still has the presence of mind to tell the driver to "move forward". Then a few seconds and as many expletives later he assesses the damage, saying it's not that serious, because he didn't feel that anything had "snapped"

The bloke's a legend. Maybe he should be the next PM?

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