Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ben Roberts-Smith, The Circle, and PC double standards in the media

Just on this kerfuffle over those comments by Yumi Stynes and George Negus about decorated Australian war hero Ben Roberts-Smith: You can clearly see their idiotic PC assumptions in action. In their tiny minds all Western soldiers are fair game because they are men of violence fighting for an imperialist cause. They have a much less harsh view of terrorists -- sorry, insurgents. They are brave underdogs with legitimate grievances who have no choice but to act violently, you see ...

Mindlessly obeying the PC instruction manual, Stynes then just combined it with a wider stereotype about buffed blokes not being the sharpest pencils in the box. Hence the gag about Roberts-Smith diving to the bottom of the pool "to see if his brain is there".

Then George Negus chipped in with another lame joke about how such big muscly blokes are often not just dumb, but might be sexually inadequate as well. Was this a snide reference to the soldier's recourse to IVF? Possibly.

If it were, then that was very nasty indeed -- not least because there are many reasons aside from the man's impotence that couples seek such reproductive assistance.

But even if it were not, imagine the outrage from Negus's fellow hand-wringers in the meeja if say, the controversial Kiwi Paul Henry were to make a comparably ignorant insinuation about a high profile figure on their side of politics who'd had recourse to the technology? (Not that he's the most left-leaning in Labor, but Senator Stephen Conroy would qualify in that regard.)

Any protestations of innocence would be ignored completely and the slavering meeja rotties of the PC left would launch an all out pack attack. Negus would probably be among them.

Ugh, but they're a pack of gruesome, nasty hypocrites, aren't they?

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  1. This type of journalism/tv show is typical of the Murdoch family. They love a scandal and we shouldn't be surprised as the Murdoch family think anyone is fair game. Look what they've done in the UK. So they have a brainless show where hosts talk over the top of one another making most of what they say indecipherable. Hope The Circle is axed and hope Ten suffers financially from withdrawing sponsors.