Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sydney siege selfie frenzy and #Illridewithyou two sides of same coin

With the Lindt Chocolat Cafe siege finally over, it's no wonder that the luvvies at their ABC and elsewhere, as well as many Muslim spokespeople all across Oz, are desperately trying to downplay the involvement of Islam in the horrific, lethal event. Some are even saying that it's hard to even classify it as terrorism; that Man Haron Monis was just some crazy individual who could have been a member of any religion.

Yeah, well, imagine if he were a Christian. Think how those who constantly claim that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" would have reacted then ...

But the Left are so consistently, er, inconsistent, aren't they? When it comes to jaw-dropping hypocrisy they are world class, no doubt about it.

And there was certainly much if it in the leftist reaction to the selfie frenzy occurring outside the siege's location in Martin Place itself. Of course this phenomenon was revolting. It was a grotesque display of narcissistic indifference to people who were trapped in the most terrifying situation imaginable -- and only metres away.

And many of those shaking their heads in disgust at this callous behaviour were also singing the praises of the #Illridewithyou movement:

No way. That, that is what sanctimonious arsehats playing with their iPhones do ... to make themselves feel morally virtuous. It was slacktivism pure and simple; a meaningless gesture that would almost certainly never be tested.

Really, how many Muslims would take those retweeting the hashtag up on these "offers"? My guess is a tiny, tiny minority. And you can imagine how many of the slacktivists would ultimately let their newfound transport besties down. Heaps, surely.

And consider who the gesture was aimed at reassuring: members of the religion that the terrorist so zealously associated himself with -- not the poor bastards kept at gunpoint against their will by him!

And remember that #Illridewithyou took off while those hostages were still in that situation. They were the real victims, not bloody Muslims!

But how much of a problem is abuse of Muslims on public transport anyway? Sure, it does occur, and is unacceptable. But it's hardly an epidemic by any measure.

So not only was #Illridewithyou a massive social media wank (or rather, twank); it was also a grotesque display of narcissistic indifference to human suffering -- not unlike the selfie frenzy that occurred simultaneously.


  1. The luvvies! If they were any more self absorbed they'd disappear up their own bumholes. Which would not be at all a bad thing, let's face it.

    1. I think they've already done that, and have kept on going. So now, they're coming out their own mouths. Which is why they talk so much crap!

  2. The Left will never let the actual truth get in the way of their agendas.