Monday, December 15, 2014

Jokey #SydneySiege tweets are stupid, nihilistic

The siege in Sydney's Martin Place is still unfolding. As I write this a few people have managed to escape. Hopefully the rest will get out unharmed.

I've been keeping up to date on Twitter. And what's interesting is how callous and stupid many of the tweets are. Because the terrifying event is occurring in the Lindt store there, some of the more cynical tweeps are making jokes about chocolate.

Take this from what appears to be the real Mohammed Junaid Thorne:

Others in a similar vein:

And thankfully some common sense:

UPDATE: But even that very reasonable exhortation provokes mindless abuse from the trolls. Amazing.

UPDATE: And still the "jokes" keep coming, all of them as lame as they are revolting.

Take this guy's offering. Well, at least he seems to have some idea of just how pathetic and nauseating it is ...


  1. After the tweet about Sean Abbott, we shouldn't really be surprised. But imagine the leftwit fury if this was done to Michael Brown!

    1. Yes, the double standards they adhere to are amazing, although not at all surprising.