Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bill Shorten's 7.30 Report performance slammed on Twitter

Here in Perth we get everything three hours later than Sydney and Melbourne. So by logging into Twitter I'll often read a lot of emotive feedback about TV current affairs shows and the like as they're being broadcast in the east, then watch them afterwards when they're broadcast here. This inverted "snark before the cause" process can be quite interesting.

Needless to say, I don't pay much attention to the lefties on Twitter. Being shamelessly, brainlessly partisan, they are sure to be outraged by pretty much anything a conservative says. And they're always desperately trying to create a lot of momentum with their puerile whining so their fellow travellers in the ABC and Fairfax can report on this "social media reaction" as if it's some sort of organic, genuine example of the electorate's take on things.

Conservatives, being generally more rational and restrained, won't snipe at a Labor or Greens pollie unless he truly deserves it. Take Bill Shorten's cringeworthy 7.30 Report interview last night, for example.

This was panned widely on Twitter, and with good reason. He offered absolutely nothing of substance, and was clearly uncomfortable throughout.

Leigh Sales did a fine job of hounding him to give genuine answers to her questions about the tough decisions he would no doubt have to make if he becomes PM. But he just wasn't forthcoming. He was clearly trying to weasel his way into the gig by saying there'll be no pain, only gain for all concerned. Shorten will no doubt employ this tactic for as long as he possibly can, the jellyback.

Sales herself was becoming quite frustrated with him and the whole process reminded me of that jaw-dropping train wreck of an interview between Wassim Doureihi and Emma Alberici on Lateline.

Sure, Shorten wasn't implicitly defending anything as ugly as Doureihi was. But it was nonetheless extremely unedifying to watch. And it says heaps about him that he came across so poorly when even a fellow leftie from their ABC was asking the questions.


  1. In his own mind, Shorten will be PM after the next election. In his own mind and nowhere else.
    Very unkind of Leigh to try to bump him off his cloud.

  2. I hope he never resides at The Lodge.

    We're not nearly recovered from the six years of gross incompetence and ego fueled wankery by his former colleagues.