Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Latham's "realm of evil" line about Rudd on Q and A

Last night on Q and A, former Labor leader Mark Latham characterized Kevin Rudd's white anting of Julia Gillard as being in "the realm of evil". Actually, it sounds like the title of a Hammer horror film. No doubt some mock movie posters will appear online, if they haven't already.

Cinematic potential aside, the memorable phrase is sure to be cited often as the election approaches. I suspect that the Libs might even use it if Rudd does actually wrest the top job back from the woman who knifed him (although right now that is looking unlikely).

Of course, the "realm of evil" line says more about Mark Latham than it does about Kevin Rudd. It reveals his histrionic level of hatred for the former PM. I think it also says something about the psychological make-up of people in the ALP. Frankly, I doubt a Liberal would use such, er, hyperbowl in describing the actions of a fellow conservative pollie. They're just not that emotionally intense.

But Labor is full of world class haters. Just as Rudd loathes Gillard, Latham loathes Rudd. And that's just the start of the Labor loathe-fest. Gawd, what a toxic environment it is!

There is such vicious personal enmity there, it makes you wonder what's going to happen come September 14 (or even earlier). The election itself will of course be a massacre. Then there will be all the bloody reprisals within the party. Canberra will be awash with rivers of blood ...

Which sounds like another Hammer title when you think about it!


  1. September 15 in the Labor Caucus room will be a bit like the opening battle scene in Gladiator - only it will be the barbarians slaughtering each other rather than fighting an opposing side. Wonder if we could get the rights to the CCTV footage of the event?

  2. Yes, it will be an absolute bloodbath. And it will be interesting to see what happens to today's major players in the months after this.

    Take Gillard. Considering how destructive she's been, there'll have to be a concerted effort to send her right out of the party for good. That way they can make a break with the past and, er, move forward again.

    But what if they can't get her to do this and she just hangs around like a bad smell? They'll never get it together then.