Thursday, June 20, 2013

Julia Gillard's conservative hairstyle

Pretty much everything Julia Gillard does is motivated by spin over substance. This includes changes to her appearance. Take the introduction of those serious-lookin' specs. Many pundits opined that she was trying to emulate Hillary Clinton. I think there was a lot of truth to that observation. 

And perhaps her latest hairstyle is another example. First thing I thought when I saw the classically elegant look was that there was an element of Margaret Thatcher about it.

Sure, she was at a black tie ball. But it was still a media event that left a public impression. Had her spin doctors recommended something in a more conservative vein to imply to the voters that she's not such a raging leftie after all?

Sounds insanely desperate. But then insane and desperate are pretty good descriptions of much of what she's done lately.

Well, if equating herself with the Iron Lady was the intention then it won't help at all. As everybody knows, Gillard is no Thatcher and never will be. 


  1. Comparing Julia Gillard with Baroness Thatcher is like comparing lead with gold. The Baroness was a lady of class, constant ideals and the courage to act on them. Unfortunately our PM seems to lack any of these attributes. She has no class, her ideals are what suits her at the time and the only action she takes is to preserve her grip on power. The sooner we are rid of her the better off we will be.

    1. And it's looking increasingly likely that she will be gone soon, even before the election ...

      I'm sure there will be many leftie academics willing to talk up her achievements in print, though. I suspect that in the future she will be remembered by lefties as a great PM, much as conservatives remember Thatcher.

  2. "I will not be lectured to about hair-style by that man opposite." JG
    Warning: definitions and aesthetic results may vary.