Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gillard's gender war is poison for future Labor feminists

Like many, I'm just amazed at the cynicism and nastiness of Julia Gillard using abortion to slime the Libs. She brazenly lies that Abbott and his party will play politics with the issue. But that's exactly what she's doing! Considering what a complex and emotional issue it is, that is about as low as you can get.

And how hollow is her claim to be fighting for women when she is flouting her own party's affirmative action rules by supporting a man over women in the seat of Batman?

This behaviour is more confirmation of Gillard's deeply duplicitous character. To her, lying is as easy and natural as breathing. Clearly, she doesn't just take the voters for mugs -- she also has a very low opinion of the women who loyally support her. And I think the women in the electorate are awake to this. So it's likely that her gender war will ultimately alienate more women than it wins over.

And there'll be long term ramifications for this for Labor. After the party has been completely thrashed in the election there'll be a lot of stone-cold analysis of what went wrong. If party members aren't completely retarded they'll realize that Gillard's toxic gender politics had a lot to do with the loss. As a result, they'll resolve to keep anyone like Gillard from having too much influence in the future. So the odds of a left-wing woman leading the party again -- at least for many years -- will be zilch.

And that will be part of the PM's toxic legacy. Not only a disaster for the country, but also a disaster for left-wing feminism. (Not that I'm upset about this, mind. Frankly, I'm chuffed. But if you are a bit of a bolshie babe, then Julia Gillard really should be in your bad books.) 

So if the sisters continue to worship her -- as I suspect they will -- it will just show how utterly lost the poor little poppets actually are. It really is very, very sad. 


  1. Matt, I agree totally with your view on Miss Gillard.

    Her lack of empathy is on of the classic aspects of psychopathy and it could be that she possessed of this condition.

    Her treatment of one of her supporters, the NT Senator Trish Crossin who is co-convener of the Australian Fabian Society, where she was summarily dumped for Miss Gillard's captain's pick, Nova Peris highlights her failings to view situations subjectively.

  2. She can play the abortion issue as hard as she likes. I would prefer to get it all out in the open. The ABC however will only report one side of the "public debate". Guess which side?

    The more the public has a hard look at late term abortion practices (for example), the uglier it gets, and the more likely a change for the better can be sought. The truth can set you free from this dark practice of punishment for the innocent. There is a far better way.

    Some enlightened feminists don't hold to the bodies of a dead human babies as the only litmus test used to join their exclusive hand-braggers cool club. "Emily's List" is a sad club at that.

    My blog post here illustrate how the PM has clearly failed to stop a card hold misogynist from touring and spreading his violent hate message over the last week. Disgusting and shameful. As an effective protector of respect for Australian women and girls the PM has failed.

  3. In the same week as Jooolya launched her gender jihad, there's a genuine story about evils perpetrated against women coming out of Central Australia. So far, not a word from the ranga about that.
    She might have given herself a smidgen of cred if she'd reached beyond the issues of affluent white women.