Thursday, November 29, 2012

Julia Gillard now resembling Craig Thomson

Julia Gillard's brazenness is almost beyond belief. There are numerous documents available demonstrating her deeply unethical behaviour as a lawyer for her crooked former beau, yet she continues to claim she did "nothing wrong". Then she hides behind her gender, sliming anyone with genuine and well-founded concerns about her character as sexist and misogynist.

For sheer gall, she's now starting to resemble Craig Thomson. It now appears that her statement that she had complete confidence in him was not motivated solely by political necessity. I think she might have been pretty damn impressed by his utter defiance in the face of so much evidence against him. Seems she was thinking, "Way to go, Thommo. I thought I was the master. But you've actually taught me something -- namely that there's just no limit to how far you can push the envelope when it comes to shameless denials. Also, that it's never too late to go on the front foot and attack your accusers."

Her favoured tactic is to use rhetorical hair splitting to isolate one little word or phrase that is used in an argument against her, misrepresent it, then exaggerate its significance hugely and claim that this is all her opponents ever do because they're horrible people who are out to slime her. 

She did it today by saying that Tony Abbott's claim that she dodgied up the form to get the AWU Workplace Reform Association accepted was false because it hinged on whether the proposed entity was in and of itself a trade union. Obviously it wasn't a trade union, she said, so there was no deception. Therefore, everything he says is the usual smear and innuendo, negativity, etc, etc, ad bloody nauseam.

Obviously, this wasn't the point. The point was that the form she filled in clearly misrepresented its purpose as a slush fund. Therein lay her deception. 

She did the same thing back in August when she zeroed in on The Australian's mistake in using the word "trust" when it should have been "slush" and threatening to sue them. When the paper issued a correction she then crowed about this back-down, deceitfully claiming that it proved that their campaign to link her to the fraud was built on a house of cards.

She's like a barmaid being sprung at work with her hand in the cash register, stuffing the notes down her blouse.

Boss: "Hey, what are you doing? Stop ripping me off!"

Barmaid: "I'm not ripping you off. How dare you accuse me of such a thing?"

Boss: "Yes you are. You're stuffing that cash into your bra."

Barmaid: "Bra ... what bra? I'm not wearing a bra. Liar!"

Boss: "Look it doesn't matter whether you're wearing a bra or not. I've caught you red handed. And I can still see the notes in your cleavage."

Barmaid: "Not only are you a liar. You're looking down my top! Pervert. Sexist! Misogynist!"

Gillard truly is a piece or work. But she can't keep getting away with this forever. 


  1. I cannot watch or listen to her at the moment. I read what she has said. You can handle the smirks and arrogance. Don;t know about getting away with it forever, hate to sound pessimistic but she just might. The polls show her on the up & up. Mind you I have never been been rang up and asked my opinion.

  2. Gillard has no sense of right or wrong, does not on what we know of her history subscribe to the morality that normally prescribes human conduct and is an opportunist of staggering proportions. The rest of that sorry mob on the Treasury Benches have nowhere to go, no one of obvious moral fibre other than Mar'n Fergson [and that dooms him from leadeship of the ALP] to lead them. I sincerely hope there is a cupboard full of Coalition election ads like the Kevin O'Lemon one for there is truly a plethora of materia. I confess to never having voted ALP in my life and I am never likely to in whatever time is left to me. I dearly want to see her concede the next Federal election which cannot come too soon. A bottle of Heidesek sits awaiting that happy night. Kol Tov

  3. I have voted Labor on many occasions. I have also voted for the Greens and Democrat (don't hold it against me) but fully intend to to never vote for them again until they table a "sorry" statement in Parliament for inflicting that creature on us. I want the whole deal. Row upon row of Labor politician begging for forgiveness, especially Krudd for being so stupid and not watching his back. Krudd wasn't any better but I cannot say that he brings the revulsion up in me as much as what she does.

  4. Joan,
    I don't take too much notice of the polls. Given the disparities between the support they show for Labor and the results of recent state and territory elections, I think the pollsters are talking mainly to Labor's Love Media.
    As for Jooolya herself - well, at least Craig Thomson had the nerve (or whatever) to make a statement to Parliament. Our Worst Ever PM is sticking to press conferences.

  5. God I hope you are right

    1. So do I! The thought of this awful bunch of people being in power for another term is just too awful to contemplate.

  6. Couldn't agree more and couldn't have said it better!