Friday, November 23, 2012

Leigh Sales, Tony Jones now misogynist nut-jobs

It's really heartening to see the ABC finally start to investigate this AWU scandal. Better late than never, as they say ... 

With the likes of Leigh sales and Tony Jones asking some hard-ish questions regarding the scandal, Gillard's description of those curious about her involvement in it as "misogynists and nut-jobs" seems even more absurd than it did when she first used it at that press conference back in August. 

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens in the coming days. Will Gillard change course? She must be under huge pressure to do so and be more forthcoming.

Still, having denied any wrongdoing so unequivocally before, to admit any now will only make her look doubly dishonest. That's why I think she's probably going to keep toughing it out indefinitely.

Yet new information surfaces every couple of  days, it seems. And every time it does, Gillard has more questions to answer. This really must be getting to others in the party. Surely there will come a time when they feel they just have to act and get rid of her?


  1. Apparently if the beyond all reasonable doubt test doesn't find her a criminal then it follows she's fit to lead the nation.

    This is the Labor party after all, Craig Thomson...

  2. Nice ode to Jon Faine. Its like meeting the unseen editorial face of the ABC and not flinching.

  3. "Faine the Pain" reminds me of that traditional old ballad "Lord Randall" wherein Randall speaks - "For I'm sick to my heart and fain[e] would lie down". On the few occasions I have bothered with "Aunty" at the time he is on he has made me sick to my heart with his sanctimonious self serving leftist tripe. However a Bex and a good lie down are not the answer to this wanker. L'chaim.

  4. Yeah, that interview Faine did with Michael Smith and Mark Baker was just ridiculous. I think even a few lefties would agree that he made a complete fool of himself with that.