Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will Sasha Burden appear on Q and A?

You've probably heard of Sacha Burden, the uni student who anonymously dropped a bucket on the Herald Sun after doing an internship there as part of her course.

She's been publicly unmasked and mercilessly pilloried for what she did by the likes of Andrew Landeryou. Still, what does she expect? If you're gonna sledge people, then you should at least have the integrity to put your name to what you do. Actually, the affair probably wouldn't have garnered anywhere near the amount of meeja attention that it has had she actually done that in the first place.

Not surprisingly, Landeryou has received a lot of abuse as a result of his post on her. And he's gleefully returning the favour.

Burden's fellow travellers clearly believe that she (and they) should not be made accountable for what they do and say. They're forever smearing others with nasty, false accusations and they expect that the objects of their scorn should just go along with it and not bite back. Only spoiled children have such an obnoxious, born-to-rule mentality. (This is one of the leftist's key psychological characteristics: A gargantuan sense of entitlement combined with severe emotional immaturity.)

It's sooo annoying. Whenever I talk to lefties I'm forever biting my tongue because I just want to say: "Awferfackssake! Don't you get it? It's not about you. Stop whining and bloody well grow up before it's too late!" But I know that the vast majority of them will never do that. They are doomed to remain in that sanctimonious and stunted state their entire lives. Sad and scary all at once.

Not surprisingly much of the leftist squawkin' 'n' squitterin' in support of Burden has occurred on Twitter. And it has come mostly from tweeps who don't have the balls to use their own names.

It's such a pervasive phenomenon, this. Take Q and A. Whenever some tragic PC numpty like Jane Caro says something utterly cringeworthy and self-parodic a whole stream of suck-tweets will appear on the bottom of the screen. And almost all of them will be from tweeps with clearly fictional handles.

Really, the correlation is so noticeable it would be good fodder for a thorough statistical analysis. Some sociology student should do an Honours thesis on it, I reckon. (Still, she'd have to spin the study in a politically correct way so as not to be given a big fat fail. Perhaps she could hypothesise that it's because of fear of News Ltd unmasking them that they don't use their real names?)

But just on the subject of Q and A: Burden does strike me as being just the kind of sneering hipster the producers use to maintain their relentless left-wing bias. There have been many young, utterly clueless panellists whose inclusion was obviously due to the fact that they recently received meeja coverage for some idiotic leftist pronouncement or other. Burden might have to make more news to be considered panel-ready, of course. Still, she's got a meeja profile now, so she's well on the way.

I'm guessing there's a good chance that she will be asked on the show eventually. If and when she does appear, those anonymous suck-tweets will form a river, not just a stream.


  1. For me, the best part is Sasha's outrage over common courtesies. Men held doors open for her? Appalling. I hope the police have an investigation underway.
    Charge the culprits with Unwarranted Politeness. Fifty lashes of the cat and a month in the stocks.

    1. Yeah, definitely a case of life imitating satire.

  2. The person that wrote this seems to be nut job..Fairdinkum..Jeez..Right wingers piss me off Woah it always me attitude, Poor me, Who can I blame for all my ills..I know the government..I had nothing to do with it..It is my entitlement..Middleclass welfare..I want to have babies and I want the tax payer to pay me for having it..and I want my wages at the same time FFS..bloody government..Where is my handout..I got it under Howard..I want it now..It is my entitlement.. They blame the left or call you a leftie if you disagree..or when you catch them out with fact..they go off their heads and abuse. LNP Lying NO policies or LNP - Lazy nogood parisites.

    Have a listen to the ABC, then claim left wing are a joke..same usual lines, same lies, same bs...PS while you are their..and you think the LNP are so, so good..Please explain all of their should know..explain Direct it will be implemented, what cost, then the PPL scheme, then Industrial relations,,come on you know the LNP and agree with all their comments and policies, please explain them..and if you don't then you support them for the sake of supporting the lnp or you have been hoodwinked by you parents beliefs and are unable to determine your own thoughts. lol

  3. Great stream of consciousness political poetry there. You could get a grant for that I'm sure ...

    Pity Jack Kerouac has carked. Would have loved to hear him read it in a beatnik bar in Brisvegas, with funky hepcats playing sax as backing.