Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lara Giddings unlikely to succeed with gay marriage push

Tasmania has been the scene for some notable developments regarding gay rights issues. The most well known of these was the Toonen vs Australia case. That resulted in the repeal of Australia's last sodomy laws. A good outcome. 

Now there's another big legal change brewing in the Apple Isle. And that's the legalization of gay marriage. Zealous advocates of this radical shift seem to believe they've got widespread support, and that once it's law everyone will be okay with it.

The Premier Lara Giddings told the Tasmanian Labor Party conference yesterday she would legislate marriage equality into law by the end of the year.

"We have received legal advice that certainly says that we can take these steps," the Premier said.

"The community wants this change to occur and certainly the Labor Party does."

Maybe the ALP in Tasmania is wholly supportive. But federally it sure as hell ain't. I recall some big time argy-bargy at their last federal conference, with Joe de Bruyn sticking up for breeders and being loudly heckled by scores of sneering hipsters from the party's left-wing. And Julia Gillard herself is well known as one who is yet to be attitudinally reconstructed on this issue.

So if Giddings thinks it's all gonna be smooth sailing on the good ship "Marriage Equality" she's got another thinkola comin'. When asked, many Tasmanians may be giving the impression that they reckon gay marriage is all fine and dandy. That's basically 'cause they're terrified of being labelled homophobic. But deep down they feel great unease, I reckon. They're gonna arc up about it big time!

Frankly I doubt that the proposed changes will be made law in the first place. But if they are, there'll be such a massive backlash that they'll be overturned soon after -- kinda like the Northern Territory euthenasia laws were back in the 1990s.

UPDATE: An article that appeared on Google News minutes ago points to problems already.


  1. It's downplayed on that linked item, but reports on News Radio last weekend pointedly mentioned the lack of enthusiasm for the campaign among ALP Right members at the conference.
    While the lefty kiddies danced the We've Won Already Jig, the Rightists stayed very firmly seated.
    Interesting days ahead.

  2. Definitely. Amazed that gay marriage advocates are so cocky. Marriage has taken yonks to develop into the model that it has (over much of the globe). It won't be overturned easily -- if at all.

    1. As one of these Gays who seems to want to get married all of a sudden, I can tell you now that there was never any talk of marriage "equality" or whatever buzzword they throw around now all through my youth and into middle-age. It just never came up as a subject, and even now I don't know many guys who care. Lesbians want it most of all it seems. I think the right to the process is more important to them than the actual outcome, but hey, that's women for you. Ever noticed too how "Gay Marriage" only ever bursts into life in the media whenever a political scandal or event needs to be distracted from? Australia Day riot, carbon tax etc. All were quickly followed by a liberal (pun intended) dose of media driven Gay Marriage nonsense to get them off the headlines.