Monday, August 13, 2012

Alleged Quigley-Barnett bromance goes sour

When browsing the news earlier today I got a helluva fright when I read the headline: 'I rejected Barnett's advances: Quigley'. It certainly conjured a shocking visual image.

The thought of such, er, henanigans occurring inside the local halls of power left me feeling quite nauseated. (On the other hand, I suspect that some advocates of gay marriage might have found that interpretation momentarily heartening.)

But I soon realized that the alleged advances by Colin Barnett were wholly political in nature.


Still, the romance analogy did appear again later in the article in this verbatim quote from John Quigley:

"He wasn't laughing at the time, he didn't make it as a flippant joke," he said.

"Because of his rejections he's now trying to perhaps turn it into something. It sounds like someone who invites a pretty girl out and gets rejected and he's goes saying 'I wasn't serious, I wasn't serious'."

Now Quigley may be many things -- eccentric, driven, extremely intelligent, for example. But pretty and girly are most definitely not among them. 

I mean, look at the guy. There's just no way known that he could ever be made to look fetching in a floral dress.

UPDATE: Barnett has retorted in a way that could perhaps be seen as alluding to the, er, sardonic quasi-homo-eroticism of Quigley's initial spray, saying the Labor heavy is "off with the faeries". Knowing how desperate Labor (and Green) luvvies are to be offended by anything Liberal pollies say, I suggest that the Premier clarify that he in no way intended that as a smear against the local gay community, lest he be hauled in front of Justice Mordy Bromberg and Ron Merkel and charged with hate crimes. 

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