Sunday, March 11, 2012

Relativist reporting of the Liam Jurrah machete attack charge

I heard some talk on ABC local radio recently about Liam Jurrah, the Aboriginal footy player who has been charged over a machete attack. Geoff Hutchison and a couple of sports journos were chatting about the issue and it was amazing how little condemnation of Jurrah they expressed. Actually, he came across more as a victim than an alleged perpetrator!

They just didn't want to go anywhere near implying that he should be responsible for his actions. There was nothing about how his alleged involvement in this serious attack has brought shame on his club in particular or the game in general. He was under a great deal of pressure; caught between two cultures; in need of understanding, etc. The usual sanctimonious claptrap.

More of this creepy relativism can be seen in this report:

Melbourne chief executive Cameron Schwab said the club had sent officials to Alice Springs today to help Jurrah and ascertain the details of the incident."We can confirm that Liam has been charged," Schwab said today.

"We're trying to get him back to Melbourne as quickly as we can.

"Ultimately the courts will decide the outcome of what has actually evolved here.

"We will try and assist and support Liam as much as we can during this period, understanding that we are dealing with incredibly complex, emotional and difficult issues."

Yeah, but not nearly as complex, emotional, and difficult as those being dealt with by the poor bastard who was hit with the machete.

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