Friday, March 30, 2012

Michael Bernard Kelly condemns anti-gay mariage campaign

I'm an atheist, however I've definitely become very sympathetic to the Catholic church in its battle to maintain the traditional concept of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

It's fair enough that people should be able to question that idea, but the way that gay marriage extremists repeatedly slime their ideological opponents as homophobic is truly revolting. And their arrogance is almost beyond belief.

Take their reaction to the campaign by Victorian Catholic bishops to get their parishioners to denounce a couple of gay marriage bills before Parliament. Organizations have a right to participate in the political process and launching a grass roots, letter writing campaign is pretty standard stuff. Hell, the cultural Left do this kind of thing all the time (as well as indulging in a whole host of other tactics, many of which are dodgy as all get out).

Ye the po-faced proponents of political correctness see this justified action as inherently bad and wrong. They are, er, lefteously indignant that their radical demands meet any resistance at all. Gay Catholic author Michale Bernard Kelly, for example, had this to say:

"The Catholic hierarchy also has a lot of housekeeping of its own to do in terms of dealing with issues of sexuality and power before it starts trying to tell gay people or society as a whole what it should be doing," he said.

The finger-wagging arrogance is astonishing, isn't it? Talk about being holier than thou! He's preaching to the preachers about what they can and cannot preach. If anyone's qualified to sermonize on what marriage means to Catholics, then it's the bishops themselves isn't it?

I've long found this right-on condemnation from within the church quite amazing. I mean, if you define yourself so strongly by your homosexuality, and that is the very thing that results in your sense of alienation from other Catholics, then why the hell would you want to be one anyway? It's like the inverse of that great Groucho Marx line: Why would you want to join a club that wouldn't have you as a member

Next thing you know there'll be "Catholic atheists" demanding to be ordained as priests, shrieking that they're victims of discrimination when their applications fail.


  1. The whole debate about gay marriage has nothing whatever to do with gay people. The Church is potentially an obstacle to the socialist utopia the Left dreams of, in which the government will regulate every aspect of our lives. For own own good of course. Any institution that might challenge this has to be destroyed. It's all about destroying Christianity, and destroying the family. There must be no focus of loyalty other than the State.

    I'm personally not a Christian but if it's a choice between Christianity and socialism count me on the side of Christianity.

  2. Yes, as I've grown older I've learned to appreciate Christianity, even though I'm not religious myself.

    True that many hard core lefties do want to crush the church. But ironic also since so many of the more green ones now part of a new Gaian faith!