Friday, March 30, 2012

Jeb Corliss, proximity flyer, is completely and utterly insane

Watched a fascinating documentary last night about a young bloke called Jeb Corliss. This guy is hooked on adrenaline like you just wouldn't believe. He's into proximity flying, which basically involves jumping from massive structures or out of helicopters way up in the sky and impersonating a sugar glider.

Bloke is so crazy, he glided down the side of the bloody Mattherhorn -- and with a freshly busted hand to boot! I thought that was his most extreme achievement, but he's gone one better and flown through a hole in a mountain in China.

I suspect that Corliss is just going to keep on upping the ante. Which is why I can't seem him surviving for much longer.

But if he does learn to be a bit more sensible, and scale back to the comparative safety of run-of-the-mill, bog standard base jumping for example, then he may actually reach a ripe old age. Though it won't be a very happy one, I suspect.

PS: If the video below isn't enough to leave you completely slack jawed in awe then check out this close call, in which he nearly cleans up a photographer

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