Monday, October 29, 2018

Wentworth win inspires Warringah wannabe

As of this writing the Wentworth by-election results have not been finalized. But it's still looking like Dr Kerryn Phelps will be declared the official winner.

Pretty funny that she's run as an independent. She's a full-on, right-on deep-green warmist socialist who ticks all the, er, left boxes.

To think that she said she wants to bring politics back to the "sensible centre". Gawd. Anyone who uses the term "social justice" isn't anywhere near there. "Out where the buses don't go" more like ... 

My guess is that when she gets in she's gonna do a lot of conniving with Labor and the Greens to cause as much trouble as possible for the Government. 

In any case, like so many of the latte Left, she's actually extremely wealthy. This was the Daily Telegraph's front page from a few days back. 

I think it's notable that the Tele, which definitely knows its audience, put this story on the cover. Wentworth is a very different place to the rest of Sydders -- particularly the western suburbs, where the paper is extremely popular. Westies sure as hell don't like BS artists and they can see right through them.

It's a great choice of photo. Immediately I saw it a caption came to mind: "I'm Big Kerryn and I'm excited! Have I got a policy for you!"

Phelps' facade of concern for the little guy is obvious. One fascinating fact from this story is that at her upmarket surgery she charges like a wounded bull. (Er, or perhaps that should be "cow"? Misgendering is practically a hate crime these days. And I don't want any woke folk thinking I'm being sexist, now do I?)

Anyhoo, as things stand, patients must cough up big time up front to see her, and remain substantially out of pocket after Medicare rebates. Makes her claim to want "better health" for Aussies seem insincere, since the position implies a desire for greater access and affordability.

Sure, she may still pass laws that are more egalitarian. But the fact that she herself fronts such a pricey practice is a very bad look.

Also, as Member for Wentworth she intends to keep her gig as a GP, and retain her position on the local council. As well as being what appears to be a legally dubious position given the recent mega-farce over Section 44, it makes her claim to be motivated by concern over climate change ring hollow.

I mean, she pushes the warmist line that we're all gonna die unless we switch to renewables. Obviously that's daft in itself, given our minuscule contribution to the so-called problem in the grand scheme of things. But if she truly believes this then wouldn't she devote all her time to this one issue?

Then there's her impressive real estate portfolio:

This is of course massively at odds with her leftish persona. Then there's the fact that she is so determined to have asylum seekers, and especially their kids, taken off Nauru. But I'll bet that like so many elitist finger-pointing hand-wringers she doesn't want these people staying anywhere near where she lives. She'll dump that task on already overburdened suburbs like Fairfield in the city's west.

If she really walked her talk she'd offer them free healthcare at her surgery and house them in one or more of her plush apartments. But nup. She intends to keep using these resources to keep bringing in the bucks!

FFS, what a massive fake!

Couldn't help thinking of JK Rowling when I learned about Phelps' wealth. The squillionaire wordsmith is a big time remoaner, remember. She wants Britain to absorb more and more immigrants, yet has never offered to accommodate them herself, despite owning a massive mansion with enough space for dozens, if not hundreds of them.

As well as being a globalist elitist hypocrite, she seems to be projecting some very weird occult vibes of late. I mean, WTF is this about?

Well, I hope Phelps doesn't go down that route ... Still, if it does turn out that the Wentworth rich doctor is actually a "witch doctor" I won't be at all surprised ...

Something else that's not surprising: other latte lefties taking advantage of the Wentworth result. Take Jane Caro for example. Like Phelps she's a fervent warmist. And she's thinking about running against Tony Abbott in Warringah.

So, she reckons it's her "duty" to try and save the planet for her grandchildren. M'kay.

Well, AFAIK she's still only considering the tilt at Tony Abbott's seat. So, ultimately if she doesn't run we'll have to conclude she doesn't really give a rat's about their fate after all.

Frankly I think this is what will actually happen. IMO, even if she does run she won't really be serious about it. Her pronouncements in this regard are much more about lifting her own profile than anything else. As an expert in media manipulation with an extensive advertising background she certainly knows how to use an issue for branding purposes!

Hot on the heels of the Warringah wannabe is the Gosford God-botherer.

Gawd ... Call me old fashioned, but if you're a priest running for political office, isn't that a bit of a step down? Aren't they supposed to be above the fray, speaking to our eternal spirits rather than our base materialism -- which is what politics is mostly about, let's face it.

Though, it's not like he doesn't have form. He's been playing politics with his stupid signs for yonks now. The Guardian story cited above describes them as "thought provoking".

Yeah, well, if the thought is "FFS what a tosser!" I suppose that statement is accurate.

Again, like Caro, I don't think he's serious. He does have a book to flog after all. For him to finally put his money where his, er, Godawful wank-placards are and run for office is an ace way to drum up publicity for sure.

It will be a miracle if he wins, of course. And he knows it. Which is exactly why he's running.

And you know what would be the greater miracle? If so-called "journalists" in the mainstream media started seeing through clowns like Bower, Caro and Phelps and stopped giving them softball interviews and free publicity.

Buckley's chance of it happening of course. Still, we can all hope and pray that it does. (Even I do, and I'm an atheist.) 

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  1. KP will be keeping on with the stethoscope duties, and keeping her seat on the local council, AND representing her electorate in Canberra?
    That will be a juggling feat I want to see.