Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Proposed junkie memorial in Richmond is typical of the Left

As surely as night follows day green lefties keep coming up with daft ideas and suggestions to "make the world a better, kinder place". The latest of these is a proposal for a monument to the many junkies who died at the end of a needle in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond.

Not surprisingly, some locals are more than a tad shat off with this. They make the valid criticism that it glorifies something truly vile and destructive. Much better to memorialize those who achieved good and admirable things in their lives.

I couldn't agree more. Obviously it's tragic that these people died so young and in such a sordid way. So apt that the term "wasted" is slang for severe intoxication by drugs or alcohol. Death by overdose is such a terrible waste of the gift of life!

Also, it's too simplistic to say it was all their own fault. But heartless as it may seem, it's wrong to attempt to dignify their deaths somehow. If you build memorials to people like this you put them on a par with soldiers who died fighting for a noble cause, and similarly brave and selfless individuals.

They weren't fighting a war. They weren't doing anything good for others. Death by heroin doesn't make you a hero, that's for sure!

Unfair to say they were all scumbags, of course. But surely some were. And even if some did good or even great things in their short lives, they still lost their way and blew it big time.

So it's crazy to make the manner of their passing appear to be some kind of admirable achievement. Yet that's exactly what those who've made this proposal are intending. And it's sooo leftist. They really do have everything completely arse about.

In their tiny minds, achievement is oppression of others. And the law is just a means by which the powerful lord it over the powerless. That's why they so often side with criminals.

They detest the idea of a functional, harmonious society, and are always trying to screw things up for the sane, adult majority. This is just another pathetic attempt at this.

They say that they don't want people to die by overdose. But I'm not so sure. I think they quietly wish for more lives to be wasted in this way because that would confirm their cynical, often nihilistic, worldview.

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