Friday, February 6, 2015

Abbott leadership spill: Why the luvvies love Turnbull

This upcoming spill for the leadership of the LNP is as surprising as it is depressing. Haven't these backstabbers figured out how damaging all this instability is? Australia had six years of it with Labor. And Abbott is spot on when he says that the voters have had a gutfull of vindictive powerbrokers making decisions that the electorate should be making instead.

Looks pretty clear that much of the motivation behind the spill comes from personal malice. I heard Dennis Jensen interviewed by Andrew Bolt and he came across as a real turncoat who was not at all honest about his motives. Couldn't nominate a potential alternative to Abbott. Just wanted to get rid of him. Nasty and stupid. 

Hopefully the majority in the party are not as selfish and thoughtless as Jensen and can look at things more rationally and long term. Actually I think that will be the case ...

But if it isn't and, say, Turnbull wins next week, it will be a rolled gold disaster. The Government may get a sugar hit in the polls. But they are just polls. Everything changes come election time because that's when the voters get to actually vote. They'll remember that they were denied the right to choose the leader they ended up with. And they may decide to let the party know how they feel about that. That's one big black mark against the LNP IMO.

Then there's the fact that if elected (by the party, not the people) Turnbull will drag it strongly leftward, resulting in a lot of conservative votes being lost. Now he and his supporters may think that this effect will be negated by all the new support he attracts. They hope that there'll be an overall gain.

But that's just silly. No one who votes for Labor or the Greens will vote LNP if Turnbull leads it. It's still the eeevil LNP to them.

But they still want him to lead it, of course. Which says so much about them. They don't like the idea of a real contest of ideas. They are control freaks. They may say they believe in democracy and freedom of speech, but that's just a crock. When they talk about welcoming a diversity of views, they mean all those to the left of Bill Shorten's beliefs. 

They don't just want to get rid of conservatism. They want to get rid of conservatives. Look at what happens in any institution where they get the upper hand. Everyone has to get with the PC program, or else! (Of course they're not up front about this. Being the commie cowards they are, they prefer to do it by stealth. And it must be said they are very good at that ... Well, they would be. They've been doin' it for decades now.)

Look at the ABC. They're so determined to have the whole joint conforming politically that there aren't even any conservatives employed there -- at east not in any significant role. Yet they know that it should display some balance. So what do they do? They fake it by having their lefties occasionally put the conservative view in interviews, etc.

You even see this kind of thing in commercial media, also dominated by the Left. Take last night on The Project. In a way that was quasi-conservative Waleed Aly and that blonde chick whose name escapes me actually attacked Shorten's lack of positive policies (though they were rude and bolshie about it when a conservative would have been polite, of course).

Basically, lefties want to control everything. They want the conservative argument to be a strawman, so they don't like it when a real, living breathing conservative is putting it. Abbott is one of these people. Which is why they hate him so much. Turnbull, however, is actually a closet leftie. Which is why they want him in Abbott's place.

True conservatives, on the other hand, don't want to replace Shorten with one of their own. They'd prefer to have him remain so they can show the people how bankrupt his arguments are. The tragedy of the LNP's situation is that enough of its members have lost sight of that goal to cause the chaos we're seeing now.

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  1. It's all over. 61-39 against a spill motion. The leftwits will bust a gut spinning this. But you can be sure - spin it they will!