Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sky the dog eaten by sharks. Will animal rights activists see sense now?

Having watched the shark wars unfolding here in Perth, I've been able to see the astonishing misanthropy of greenies close up. These sinister communards purport to care about the human race, but really don't give a tinker's about it. They just care about themselves and their sneering fellow travellers, and would be quite happy for the rest of us to die horribly so that they can inherit the Earth, along with their beloved cockroaches, salamanders and voles.

One of these animal rights creeps was banging on at a demo at Cottesloe a coupla months back. Declaiming against eeevil "Emperor" Barnett's proposed shark mitigation strategy she really let the marsupial cat out of the bag when she said that she didn't care whether his proposed cull would work (ie save human lives) or not. See, she was only concerned with whether it was "just". (You'll hear her say it in this video.) And of course killing sharks was unjust. In other words, she considered human life less valuable than that of big fat toothy fish.

That's why I took note when I read about this sad case of a beloved dog being devoured by noahs up north:

A devastated skipper says his faithful dog Sky was probably trying to protect him when it was taken by a shark off Point Sampson, 1260km north of Perth.

Franz Van Derpoll said he was out catching a fish for dinner with Sky when he saw two sharks circling where he was spear fishing, 6km off Johns Creek Harbour.

"She's probably decided to jump over the side to protect me and when I came up from my second dive there was lots of blood in the water and no dog," he said.

Knowing how deeply shark huggers care about the welfare of non-human persons (animals), I thought such an event might make them start to understand why most Homo sapiens are a tad unsettled at the thought of being guzzled alive during their next dip in the ocean and would like to do some things to reduce the risk of it happening. After all, shark-huggers are indifferent to human suffering, but the suffering of a much loved pet -- sorry, animal companion -- well, their big open nature loving hearts would be able to feel that now wouldn't they?

But on second thoughts I think these hopes were in vain. I'm sure they'd manage to take the sharks' side after some ideological contortions. The dog was enslaved by men -- and fishermen at that. And it was the men who took it onto the shark's domain. So killing Sky was actually an act of of cruel kindness -- a simultaneous act of territorial defence and canine emancipation.

Sharks. Such wise creatures. They can really teach us something, eh?


  1. "These sinister communards purport to care about the human race"

    In fact these days they don't even pretend to care about people.

    1. They do sometimes as an after thought. It's sort of an arse-covering tactic.

  2. .... I've been able to see the astonishing misanthropy of greenies close up. These sinister communards purport to care about the Human species -- but really don't give a tinker's about it ....

    Spot on. Hear! Hear!

    And looking even closer, (and in case you've ever wondered why one cannot debate a Leftard) it's, clinically, even more disturbing than you've accurately observed it to be.

    Including by its many and every other name: -- communism, socialism, fascism, Stalinism, imperialism, Hitlerism, islamism, Atleeism, Maoism, Whitlamism, corporatism, Fabianism, progressivism, being a "Democrat" and/or a member of a labor party, Pol-Potism -- etceteras; -- totalitarianism descends from a Malignant-Envy-driven self, own-culture and, invariably and inevitably, psychopathological, own-species-loathing. Fascissocialism is a psychosis and its every promulgator, proponent, Pravda-like propagandist and promoter is a psychopath.

    Seeking and gaining the support of those sociopaths among us who are too darned stupid to know they're being lied to and of other psychopaths too darned mean-spirited, too darned lazy to do their own stealing -- and/or too darned greedy -- to care!

    Brian Richard Allen

    1. Their ideology is truly disturbing. And I find it astonishing that so many people still think it's benign, if a little kooky.

      Shows that if you seize control of large sections of the media and academe, you can brainwash an awful lot of people. That's exactly what they've done over the last few decades so they're certainly not going to give up, or even ease up, now.

  3. Didn't that shark in Saving Nemo become vegetarian and was eating Tofu & Broccoli sandwiches or such?
    They have to train the rest of them.