Monday, April 28, 2014

Julian Burnside's bizarre Twitter conspiracy theory

We all know that local lefties aren't coping well with the fact that the adults are back in charge in Australia. I'd say that some of them are actually starting to lose their marbles over it -- er, except that most of them didn't possess any to start with.

The poor little poppets seethe, sneer and snark about pretty much everything the Abbott Government does. And while their interpretations are routinely irrational, they are seldom flat out barking.

But here's one that certainly is: Julian Burnside -- world class finger-wagger and Australia's high priest of sanctimonious cant -- seems to have got it into his head that the LNP is actually paying people to troll lefties on Twitter.

Dunno what he thinks this fictional black opp has been named, but here's a suggestion: "Trolling Thunder." (Hmm. I quite like that. I might even start a hashtag for it ... )

Speaking of which: Burnside himself has created one for this nutty theory and he's encouraging members of the leftist Twitter trollective to point out these eeevil people.

He's been bravely leading by example, trolling tweeps he believes are trousering this filthy lucre, or at least would like to be.
And what's his source for his crazy conspiracy theory? Seems to be an SMH article, which he's linked to repeatedly.
As you'll see, the article is titled "Social media trawled as Government spends $4.3 million on research contracts".

You'd have to conclude that Julian Burnside has seen the headline, mistaken trawled for trolled and not read any further.

That, or maybe he has read it thoroughly, and his deep-seated prejudice against conservatives and febrile imagination have combined to create this surreal scenario.

In any case, it seems to me that perpetual lefteous indignation and excessive social media usage have left the poor man utterly befuddled. I think he needs a good long holiday, don't you?

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  1. I wonder who will be the target of @JulianBurnside today. No doubt the bottom of an empty bottle of red may well provide an indication.

  2. Sounds like a case of projection, where someone can't believe that conservatives are not paid to press the party line. Thus they must have been organised to do so, like the leftists would have had to be organised and paid by their leaders.

  3. I wonder if Burnside heads his own Secret Squirrel Agency. Truth is if he really wants to find some serial trolls he could simply have a look at the GetUp membership list. Is the collective name for a bunch of Trolls an "Asylum"?

  4. He's definitely confused. Those who troll lefties on Twitter don't do so for the money; rather for the love of the job.

    1. Exactly!
      Ever wondered why they have a "need"????Hmm??
      Because they don't even get published or their posts seem to "disappear" rapidly, on leftist sites like the Convo and Fauxfacts or "their" ABC etc.

  5. Was "sanctimonious cant" a typo?

    1. noun
      hypocritical and sanctimonious talk, typically of a moral, religious, or political nature.

    2. wrong word ...

  6. Julian like all these low achievers who kid themselves they hold the high moral ground and bandy together like lemmings as sooner rather than later going over that cliff. Adults are back in charge, well mostly, but even this lot has too many left leaners for my liking. When will they if ever wake up. Maybe never, because one original thought in their heads would die of loneliness.
    And one adult has to accept that not all his plans come to fruition like far too generous PPL, the proof of not being a misogynist.

  7. Ah Julian Burnside - the nutjobs nut job! If BS was electricity, he'd be a walking power station!
    FYI Jules, on the rare occasion I bother to troll or even genuinely comment on left wing garbage, I do so for the pure delight that I make people like you heads explode & foam - not for money!
    In any event you darls are so sensitive to anything even resembling the truth that my posts have been taken down (i.e. censored) within 24 hours.
    Then of course your hypocrisy sets in when leftards like you post absolutely foul-mouthed rants which are duly taken down for their abuse & then scream censorship.
    Life must be getting tough now that no more crimmigrants are flooding into the country eh Burnside?

    1. '...leftards like you post absolutely foul-mouthed rants which are duly taken down for their abuse & then scream censorship.'
      There's many a lefty finger pointed at the Murdoch press for deletion and censorship, but it's really not too hard to cross that line. You only have to see what they produce in unmoderated forums to get an idea.
      Will they ever get hold of the concept that abuse ≠ argument?