Saturday, July 6, 2013

Victorian Women's Trust maintains the rage over Gillard's fate

The way that victim feminists bemoan the fate of Julia Gillard is just too tragic for words. Take those tawdry ads taken out by the Victorian Women's Trust.

In them, they're perpetuating the silly claim that sexism was to blame for Gillard's demise. But as anyone with at least one eye half open and an IQ over fifty knows beyond a shadow of a doubt she lost the top job 'cause she was the worst bloody PM this country's ever known!

If sexism played a part it was that Gillard had a much easier run than a bloke of comparable incompetence. Hell, she was treated with kid gloves by almost all of the mainstream media throughout her prime ministership. And she had the support of the majority of her colleagues for months, if not years, after it was completely obvious she would lead Labor to electoral oblivion. It's highly unlikely they would've maintained support for a bloke in the same circumstances.

Sure, she copped a lot of abuse from punters infuriated by her endless lying and utter disdain for them, some of which was sexist. But she stoked the fire by making such an issue out of it. (One shouldn't feed the trolls, remember.)

And there were a couple of cases of journos saying offensive things about her and to her face. But these broadcasters copped torrents of mud thrown back at them, and one even lost his job (along with two others who dared to bring up issues about her past that were of legitimate public interest).

Most truly independent-minded and strong women would have shrugged the abuse off and got on with the gig. Yet Gillard milked it for all it was worth and tried to turn her reign into a soapie about the scourge of sexism with her as the heroine. Even after this cynical and devious tactic made her popularity plummet still further, thus cementing her fate, the hand-wringers continued to cry "victim"!

The bleating will go on forever, too. After all, there's nothing lefties love more than clinging to their bitter delusions. Think of all the unreconstructed Whitlamites who are still "maintaining the rage" over the Great Helmsman's sacking close to forty years ago, eh!

Still, there's an upside to all this wailing and gnashing of teeth. The more the sob sisters squawk and squeal about what happened to Gillard, the more sick and tired of this particular brand of feminism the electorate will become. As a result the odds of a woman like Gillard ever becoming PM again will be even further diminished.

So, keep shriekin' chickybabes! You're doing the nation a favour.  


  1. "she was the worst bloody PM this country's ever known!"

    I'd say the second worst. Rudd holds the top spot unchallenged.

    1. I'd give the gold to Jooolya. All her unctuous words about 'a government that had lost its way' in 2010 - there wasn't a single move she made that improved the government's situation. Or that of anyone else in the country, for that matter.
      Rudd is a media tart for sure - 'whoring the airwaves' was one description I noted - but Jooolya's repeated media stunts were in a whole higher class of determined self-destruction. Every time she left us thinking well, the games can't get any sillier than this, she proved us wrong. And seemed proud to do so.
      Women for Gillard, the faux menu scandal, and the Howard Sattler interview. Hard to believe that any pol could retain a shred of credibility if they copped three such idiotic moments in the course of a year - but within the space of a WEEK?
      So for me it's Gillard first across the line. Of course, with Kruddfuhrer back at the top, he's got all the opportunity he needs for a last-minute dash.

  2. Gillard made Whitlam look competent.

    1. And Kruddfuhrer [Thank you G#6 for probably the best description of the little git] almost reasonable and that he surely isn't. Give him a month and a few Coalition ads and we'll all remember just how poisonous a little weed he is. As for Saint Gough he found out how popular he was via the election box after he tried fooling around with a system that wasn't broken. Still given Gillard's antecedents we shouldn't really be surprised at how she performed.

  3. Off-topic, but not by much: Alannah MacTiernan has nominated for Smiffy's old seat of Perth. No other Labor nominees running against her, as I understand.
    Interesting move for Alannah. Only a year ago she was frothing over with excitement at her plans to revitalise the City of Vincent - where she holds the position of mayor. Rather abrupt shift of priorities, no?

    1. Can't let a chance to hop on the "Big" gravy train can she? I mean she will be doing it to give the wider world the benefit of her enthusiasm surely.

    2. The backroom boys must be hoping that Alannah's notoriety will give them an edge on election day. Alternatively, they've written the seat off - given the state election results for the area, I wouldn't be surprised.
      So they let the colourful MacT run (I don't think she had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the nominations committee somehow) and lose. No point tainting future talent with a crushing defeat. Just sit back and wait until the next election.

  4. Whenever someone utters, " ... and I'm a feminist " as they introduce themselves, take a huge pinch of salt to anything that follows.

    It's usually self serving crap that benifits no one.