Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reclaim the Night March in Brunswick was bizarre, pointless

What is it with these lefties? They have such a pathological aversion to common sense. This Reclaim the Night March along Sydney Road in Brunswick is a case in point.

Organiser Natalie Pestana told The Age she wanted to counter the notion that women bear some responsibility for preventing harassment and sexual assault.

"Women grow up with a different set of rules," she said.

"We're taught to keep a key between our fingers in case we're attacked and check the back seat of our car. These are things that guys just aren't made to do.

"We're pissed off and annoyed that women are being blamed when they're the victim of an assault."

So the march was about railing at the "victim blamers". Yet where was the outrage against the victim killers?

Hell, you'd think that any halfway sensible person would feel greatest anger towards the individuals who commit the rapes and murders, not those who offer advice about how to reduce the risk of such crimes happening.

If you're a feminist who wants to blame an institution, then why not the piss-weak legal system that lets known sexual predators out on the streets? The law is still dominated by blokes, too. You could even call it a mini-patriarchy -- you know, like a subset of the biggie the sisterhood keeps shrieking about.

And I do agree with rally attendee Phil Cleary's point about the law going easier on men who use the "she provoked me" defence. That still seems to occur from time to time. Whether that's a pervasive phenomenon, I don't know. 

But what the ideologues behind such demos call "victim blaming" doesn't even fit that description much of the time. Often it's just good advice.

Yes, there's a sexist double standard here. That's because life is sexist. Men are generally stronger and bigger than women. So a cowardly, vicious and truly misogynistic man driven by sick sexual fantasies poses a real threat to most women. Saying you should be wary of scumbags like this is not "blaming the victim". It's just bloody common sense!

Of course, in a perfect world women should be able to do whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want. But this isn't a perfect world. So they shouldn't behave like it is. (Nor should men, for that matter. But that's a side issue.)

That's where the real danger of silly protests like these lies. They may well encourage some women to be less sensible; to walk home alone utterly plastered down dark streets instead of catching a cab.

And yes, even catching a cab isn't safe. Some women get attacked by cabbies, too. But it's a helluva lot safer than walking home alone.

As I said, the world is a dangerous place. It's not right. It's not fair. But it's just the way it is, unfortunately. Bitching en masse about the comments of shock jocks will not make the world any safer for women. Grow up and get used to it.


  1. In other breaking WA news, inspired from "Slutwalk" in Victoria, "Bait-swim" a new group of WA activist/beach goers have rallied in protest against the recent spate of fatal shark attacks.

    Our news team spoke to the organiser Amanda Bitwell earlier today.

    "We have just had enough of this senseless violence against swimmers. After rubbing some fresh chicken blood on our limbs, our protest swimmers will be boldly making their way out from between the flags then 500m along the unpatrolled surf beach and back to our rallying point in the sand dunes."

    "Today we are sending a very strong message to these predators. We will not be your helpless victims nor are we to be your snacks of choice. We caring human beings, and will not be treated as Lycra covered meat."

    A spokesman for the sharks declined to make any specific comment about the group's "herd swim" today but said he hoped the event would attract more patrons next year.

    In a further statement Amanda Bitwell said she was a bit surprised to hear of the sharks support but welcomed their apparent change of heart and favourable move towards the protesters.

    This is Rolly Christian reporting for
    Die Fluffy Wuffy Die News.
    Now returning you to your regularly scheduled program.

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    Helping you bite better.

    1. Priceless Rolly. I hear there is a similar organisation starting in the NT protesting the "person munching" proclivities of crocodiles. They intend to swim the Fitzroy River - should be fun to watch.

    2. Thanks, I'm glad you could see past the fish for the sharks!
      Emailing this piece to the Vic march protagonists would be interesting however as Matt has noted above a "pathological aversion to common-sense" is pretty big impediment to negotiate with honest dialog.

      On balance I would certainly concede men around the world particular in the developing Islamic nations treat girls and women far worse then 2nd class citizens. In this regard you and I can be "positive" feminists.
      I will elaborate on what the protesters "should" actually do at my blogspot later on (I don't like the blind leading the blind off a cliff together) which would help matters but you know they won't like a shot of cold hard reality.

    3. Fish and sharks - almost like trees and forests really. Almost two decades ago I was seconded to a UN effort in Bangladesh - a supposedly enlightened Islamic nation with at that time a female Prime Minister. At a function at the Australian High Commission a local General would not speak to the wife of one of my fellow officers after her husband introduced her. He got a quick lesson in the Australian ethos. He was left standing on his own clutching his serviette encased glass - no alcohol for a true believer as I understand it. Amazing how Coca Cola can smell like expensive whisky. The High Commissioner was unimpressed with us and was politely re-educated in the way we expected our wives to be treated and the fact we thought the response to our stand was limp wristed. Not all wars are fought with firearms. The maligning of uniformed Australians by so called progressive elements is another move to remove common sense and replace it with a culture of the victim. The current Minister for Defence could do with some realignment of his thinking.

      "Ordinary people sleep easily in their beds because hard men are prepared to do violence on their behalf" can be adapted to look after women and children without making them victims.

    4. Yes, the way progressives carp about the army and the police force is destructive. It shows their malice as well as their stupidity. Many seem to believe that we don't even need such organizations -- as if the state could function without them!