Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kate Ellis on Q and A and the feminist double standard

It's so ironic that Labor are now trying so relentlessly to demonize Tony Abbott as an eeevil misogynist, when the Government's very existence depends on the support of Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper.

Then there's the obvious misandry and pettiness of the "handbag hit squad". They even try to portray that very appellation as evidence of pervasive sexism. But it was coined by a woman (Julie Bishop) anyway. And what about all the speedo and budgie smuggler jibes hurled at Tony Abbott? They're very gender-specific and demeaning yet the Labor women don't condemn them, and have even been known to repeat them on occasion.

Theirs is the classic politically correct double standard. And one of the most shameless, brazen and petty practitioners of it is surely Nicola "Don't Call Me Nicky!" Roxon. She freely admits to disliking Abbott, has been sliming him for years, yet is miffed that he ignores her in social settings.

Hey, Nicky, I thought you were against all that patriarchal chivalry crap? 

Listen, baby cakes. The reason Abbott doesn't like you is not because you're "capable". It's 'cause you're spectacularly incompetent, and a nasty, sanctimonious hypocrite to boot!

Speaking of hypocrisy: Kate Ellis was on Q and A last night. Now some claim she's part of the handbag hit squad, but I don't agree. She's not down on their level. She's been dutifully pushing the ALP's slimy line on Abbott, sure. But you can see she lacks conviction when doing so. Deep down she knows it's a crock.

Unlike the three scowling sisters Roxon, Plibersek and Wong -- who are all as hard as nails but hide behind their gender when it suits -- she's a more classically (and consistently) feminine woman.

And she actually lacks confidence when speaking publicly. That's why I had some sympathy for her when a few of the blokes on the panel talked over her. This was certainly impolite, but hardly unusual conduct for that show. And it was completely insignificant when you consider how the panel and audience are routinely chockas with lefties, many of whom are obnoxious themselves.

Yet the Twitter squitterati went absolutely spacko over it. This was like their own personal Pearl Harbor, an event that would live in infamy!

Again, that leftie-feminist double standard: They never arc up about a conservative (man or woman) being treated badly or even abused outright, but savour the spectacle instead. Hell, they'll even join in the kicking if they can.

And it wasn't just the online audience who were hypocrites. The studio audience were rude and raucous too. There was a classic moment when a young bespectacled bloke gave Ellis a lecture on what feminism meant. The look on her face was just priceless. She actually let out an audible gasp of incredulity!

Then the audience booed him. To his credit, Tony Jones admonished them for this.

But the cause of their displeasure (and Ellis's shock) was clear. They were dogmatic types who believed that only women (and preferably lefties) had a right to discuss what feminism meant. In their insular, divisive ideology males are expected to either toe the PC line or keep their bloody mouths shut! What a pathetically juvenile and sexist attitude that is.

The majority of Australians, male and female, have had an utter gutfull of this nasty gender war. Labor think they're onto a winner by prosecuting it so relentlesly. But it will backfire on them big time come election day, that's for sure.


  1. "Hand bag hit squad" is vert apt. "Hand bag Harpies" is probably more fitting and Shakespeare could have used them for his witches in McBeth. Their hypocracy is breath taking - if they want to see a woman with class and competence to try and emulate [if they could] they have only to look across the chamber at Julie Bishop. As a parting shot I don't know what "Breadline Bill" saw in Roxon as there is nothing appealing about Harpie #1 that I can see.

    1. Yeah, they absolutely loathe Julie Bishop. She shows them up for the mediocrities they are. She has gotten to where she is because of merit but Roxon, Wong and Plibersek would never risen in the ranks without their constant demands for special consideration on account of their gender.

  2. You're really confident aren't you. Both sides of politics are on an ugly race to the bottom in the mysoginy stakes. The only difference is that the Coalition use more refined language when going the tear down.

    Fact is, come election time both sides of politics are going to be judged on their policy platforms and not the timbre of their despicable war of words.

    Neither Labor or the government. We are a nation in desperate need of real leadership. There is none.

    1. Rubbish. Labor have been bottom feeding for months on end, viciously and deceitfully sliming Abbott whenever possible. The Liberals have been very restrained, even laying off Gillard's links to the AWU scandal -- something that just begs to have more light shone on it.

      Do agree that we are a nation in need of real leadership, but.

      That's okay. We'll be getting that next year, or maybe sooner, when Abbott becomes PM. It will be a real relief when some adults are finally in charge instead of this juvenile, venal, incompetent rabble.

    2. Rubbish?? Ahhh - typical of those on the right to open with such eloquent invective.

      Tony Abbott, who is so far a policy free zone, would be a comprehensive disastsr for this country and would do ten times the damage to our economy than the ALP. I'd still very much like to know what he was upto during the AWB scandal which never claumed the Coalition scalps that it should have. That aside, Abbott has made an art form out of bottom feeding going right back to the days of the One Nation threat. Dirt Unit - He invented the term.

      And adults you say? Where are the adults in the Coalition? Pyne? Who cannot stand anyone having an opinion other than his? Hockey? Whose grasp of economics is as perilous as a two year olds grasp of nuclear physics. Bishop? The token female whose made much of her stare but can barely articulate a coherent sentence.

      Mate - the Coalition had a leader with vision - Malcolm Turnbull. The sooner they jettison Tony Abbott and get Turnbull back where he belongs, then your confidence might have some credibility. As it stands now, Abbott will have a day of reckoning - and it won't be as a result of winning the next election.

    3. I won't open with your so called invective and I am happy to nail my conservative colours to the mast before I start.

      "Rubbish" is hardly invective when compared with the vitriol of the labour and green output. The tenor of your post was indicating your left wing leanings and you sealed it with the "Malcolm Turnbull should be leader" bit. He is on the wrong side of the house and hardly a leader and as for Abbott winning an election - looked at the polls recently Dean? And as an after thought point out just one major project/idea the incompetents on the Treasury Benches have managed to handle without botching it.

    4. I shall declare that I am most certainly not on the Left as you incorrectly pointed out. I am a small 'l' liberal and proud of it.

      And I can certainly name one project the ALP didn't botch in recent memory - the GFC. What has Hockey put up as an alternative way forward - the answer is nothing.

      As to the polls - typical of the far right to pin their arguments to them Polls aren't fallible, certainly not those produced by the far right leaning News Ltd media.

      Malcolm Turnbull is a principled, if a little flawed conservative, who has reached out to those he would call opponents and tried to find a way forward. What has Abbott done? Nothing.

      Let me lower the tone of this debate now and declare that I believe Tony Abbott to be the most exqusite cunt I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

    5. Well done Dean. Your last paragraph destroys any credibility your comment on invective may have had. As for the GFC - putting us billions of dollars into national debt and destroying a surplus is a success? Glad you have nothing to do with my business.

  3. Dean, you certainly have lowered the tone on this blog, just as Labor and your other leftie fellow travellers have lowered the tone of politics in Australia. Lift your game, mate!

  4. "And I can certainly name one project the ALP didn't botch in recent memory - the GFC."
    Hmm. No argument then that the insulation scheme was a disaster; that Computers in Schools didn't quite work out; that BER stands for Builders' Excellent Rortfest... need I mention 'There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead'?

    1. Just on Labor and the GFC: Their solution to it is often cited as a big plus for the Government. But there's still a big question mark over whether all that money pumped into the economy was actually needed to protect us.

  5. Without Costello's surplus, the ALP would never have been able to take the measures they did during the GFC in the first place. Peter Costello was the real saviour there