Friday, July 20, 2012

Alexia Wellbelove of HSI blames shark attacks on sheep trade

Amazing how the deep green mindset will seek to blame eeevil humanity for all that's bad and wrong in the world. Take the fantastically named Alexia Wellbelove of Humane Society International, who believes that the recent spate of shark attacks in West Australian waters may well have been due to the live sheep trade:

ALEXIA WELLBELOVE: It seems to us that the connection in Western Australia to the live export vessels that carry sheep and the increased rate of shark attacks was a sort of uncanny coincidence really.

So we started looking into this further and we found that in many cases within a few days of live export vessels docking into Fremantle or leaving Fremantle there was a shark attack.

See, her theory is that when dead sheep are thrown overboard, the really big noahs come closer to the shore, increasing the probability they'll attack surfers and swimmers. 

She's drawing a very long bow to start with. But it's even longer given that she cites (and therefore presumably possesses) no hard evidence that sheep carcasses have been thrown overboard near the coast in recent weeks.

Seems like a pretty wacky, unscientific theory to me. I'll bet she's a warmist, too. (Hmm. Maybe she's been using computer modelling to support her thesis?)

That ol' chestnut "correlation does not necessarily imply causation" should be remembered here. And this trade has been going on for decades, while the rate of shark attacks has only skyrocketed in recent years.

In any case, there are already countless animals in the water that sharks feed on. They're called fish. So how can the presence of some deceased herbivores make any difference to their hunger levels?

Then there's the issue of their culinary tastes ... It seems Ms Wellbelove believes that the newly peckish great whites are getting a taste for mammalian meat. Do people taste like sheep, I wonder? Sadly, Jeff Dahmer is dead, so we'll never know for sure.

Hell, you may as well link these shark attacks to the drownings of all those asylum seekers recently. But of course your typical deep green lefty would never do that. They want to stop the live sheep trade with the same intensity that they want to preserve the trade in live humans. 

Lovely people, aren't they? More concerned about the rights of sharks -- both literal and metaphorical -- then they are about the rights of humans.

Not exactly humane after all ...

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