Sunday, November 22, 2015

Reclaim Australia rally in Martin Place

Just shuffled up from Wynyard to the State Library of NSW, where I am now. Got some snaps of the Reclaim Australia rally being held in Martin Place.

Have just learned that there was some violence at the rally. That surprised me because when I was there only about 40 minutes ago it was all pretty sedate ... There was a very strong police presence, however.

Still, the crowd seemed very well behaved. There is definitely an aggro -- and it must be said, racist -- element at some Reclaim Australia rallies. But that seemed to be absent here.

Not sure who was addressing the rally when I walked through but he seemed to be of Middle Eastern descent. Maybe he'd suffered under Sharia Law himself? He was basically saying that Islam doesn't tolerate other religions, and is using our willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate it as a kind of Trojan Horse to attain the commanding heights of political power here.

He stood above a panoply of flags that was certainly at odds with the MSM line that this group is dominated by white supremacist neo-Nazis!

That said, I'm sure some die hard lefties would find it sinister that a huge Christmas tree loomed over him! But I suspect most people would think it benign at worst.

There were plenty of Aussie flags, which lefties deem to be racist in and of themselves, of course -- as well as the odd sign that nervous Nellies might find offensive. But there was nothing overtly racist about any that I could see.

Interestingly there seemed to be a couple of guys from Anonymous supporting the rally. Now that's an intriguing development! Well, they have launched a cyber war against ISIS, so maybe that was the reason? Or maybe they were just a coupla smartarses? Who knows ...

Anyhoo, it'll be interesting to learn more about that biffo. I'll have a gander as I go to catch the train to Bondi Junction.

I suspect it was provoked by the lefties who lobbed. They always do that, don't they? Pick a fight so they get thwocked and then starting crying that they've been bullied.


  1. Exactly - Also nice to hear from you Matt

  2. Oh noes - Matt's gone over to the other side!

  3. Reading your blog, Matt, a correction to your headet: it's definitely your fault if (that) the comedy is invisible. Getting many gigs lad?