Monday, July 13, 2015

Gary Johns's "cash cows" comment causes predictable twitstorm

It generally holds true that if you want to provoke a lefty all you need to do is say something eminently sensible. And if you wanna make 'em go howling at the moon mad, then make that point brutally clear in, er, colourful language.

The latest #Auspol related social media meltdown is a case in point. In it, former Labor MP Gary Johns said this on The Bolt Report:

"Look, a lot of poor women in this country, a large proportion of whom are Aboriginal, are used as cash cows, right?" Mr Johns said. "They are kept pregnant and producing children for the cash. Now, that has to stop."

Needles to say, the usual suspects went batshit insane with rage on Twitter. (And considering how batshit insane they are already, that's saying something!)

Now, you may disagree with his analysis and think that it's simply not true that Aboriginal women are being abused in this way (presumably by their menfolk). However, given the extremely high rates of welfare dependence and the truly sickening levels of sexual and physical abuse that plague these communities it seems like a reasonable point.

Now, if he'd made it in a less colourful way it would have attracted condemnation from the Left. And knowing how self-indulgent and mean-spirited socialists tend to be, some of it would surely have been vindictive and personal.

But the thing that really set the leftist trollective off like fireworks on the 4th of July was his use of the term "cash cows". As we all know these child-brained purveyors of political corectness live their entire lives in a perpetual state of hair-trigger sanctimony. They are just hangin' out for even the flimsiest excuse to chuck a massive tanty that shows the world how much they abhor sexism, racism, etc. It's always all about them, you see.

Since "cow" is often used as a derogatory term for a woman, they piled on with false accusations of sexism, as well as racism. Intoxicated with lefteous indignation, they were in a state of billious bolshie bliss:

And on and on it goes ...

The gruesome opportunists would rather fulminate over his use of a common figure of speech so as to advertise their own spurious moral virtue than actually engage with his argument. So childish, so petty, so leftist ... and so sad.


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