Thursday, June 26, 2014

Elizabeth Farrelly reacts to Tim Blair's frightbat poll

One thing about lefties, greenies, victim feminists and sundry hand-wringing twits that I find particularly exasperating is how they always -- always -- use the same tactics when confronted with criticism. One of their all time faves is to attribute any and all of it to the critic's own feelings of inadequacy. They just never take his words on face value and offer a solid counterargument in their own defence.

Case in point: Elizabeth Farrelly in her snootily sneering response to news of her inclusion in Tim Blair's recent "frightbat" poll. It's classic (feminist) fluffy wuffy: "You're just mocking me 'cause you're actually secretly attracted to me and you feel threatened by the fact that I'm such a brilliant, courageous and insightful woman. You pathetic, inadequate white male, you!"

Sheesh. Liz couldn't be more way off if she tried. The mockery comes not because of the majestic intellect that lesser mortals -- males in particular -- find threatening. It's because she's so ridiculously self-deluded they almost can't believe it. And her ginormous sense of entitlement just makes 'em wanna puke.

She routinely comes up with such daffy, dippy, pompous columns that any rational person reading them is left shaking her head, mumbling, "WTF? Is this chick friggin' serious?" And her obvious narcissism is not remotely attractive. It's not even repellant. It's just so silly that it's surreal and ultimately, well, kinda sad.

If there is fear in the motivation of those who mock Queen Elizabeth and her ilk it's fear of the culture they represent. Alarmingly, it has enough power and influence to irreparably bugger-up many aspects of our society and economy -- which I think is ultimately their main aim anyway ... That's why conservatives mock them.

So if there are any sanctimonious fluffy wuffies reading this, some advice: This one size fits all tactic of saying "it's all to do with your stuff" is lazy and arrogant. It just makes you look like even bigger asshats than you do already. Please try to lift your game in future, children.

Your repeated recourse to this hackneyed deflection method means that you'll never look at your "stuff" or even begin to critically examine your own attitudes. If you did this you might eventually see things in a slightly less insane way -- or at the very least perhaps start to understand why people find you so worthy of mockery and derision.


  1. I expected a zippier, wittier and more insightful editorial from a self-described monarchist, sexist, comedian, teacher & conservative. What a fruity blend! This twizzle is nowt more than a poor mix of Judith Sloan and Stan Zemanek.
    As Alan Belford would say: "Ugh!"
    Can do better.

  2. Frightbat Farrelly deserves all the derision she gets, and then some. But the flipside is that public mockery gives her a larger audience. If it wasn't for Tim Blair's work I'd likely never have heard of her.
    It's a no-win situation with Lizzie and her clique. They feed off any attention - 'I don't care what they say, as long as they spell my name right'. And if you shrug and turn away in disbelief, they interpret that as some sort of victory. My enemies have been silenced!
    But the silence becomes oppressive soon enough, so they must top their last ridiculous pronouncement with something even more ridiculous...

  3. Great article. The one thing the frightbats don't realise is that they are being treated equally with men. Isnt that what they want? If you speak drivel, you have exactly the same opportunity to be derided as drivelling men.
    ...and I learnt a new phrase in your article..."victim feminists".

  4. I'm with gregory00
    I know of this dingbat only because Tim Blair successfully sends her up regularly!Such self ignorance! She ought to invest in some mirrors!--hmm, or try out for some comedienne's job or similar,though I am at a loss as to who would pay to listen to her self delusional rants,as I wouldn't by choice even click my mouse to read one of her "efforts".
    The females who use their sex as a weapon to forestall having to give any factual argument make me ashamed to be a female--always have done!