Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jamila Rizvi, David Koch and the Sunrise sexism scandal

The infantile sanctimony of today's victim feminists knows no bounds. It just astonishes me what these smug, spoiled little princesses actually take offense at, and how. Then there's the jaw-dropping arrogance with which they appoint themselves as the official representatives of all chickdom, often over the protestations of the actual women involved in the allegedly misogynist outrages they weep, wail and gnash their teeth over.

Take this mind-numbingly puerile squawk-fest from cynical former Labor hackette Jamila Rizvi. See, David Koch, the somewhat daggy host of Sunrise, made a slightly naughty quip about reflective shoes while spunky co-host Sam Armytage yucked it up around a stripper pole. Any sensible, emotionally mature adult would have found it utterly benign. But not Rizvi, who is clearly on high alert for absolutely any situation that she can twist into that old fave of the twisted sisterhood: eeevil, sleazy white guy monsters powerless female underling.

Talk about a cynical meeja beat-up. (I'm almost tempted to invoke that ol' tabloid standby, "Storm in a D Cup!". But that would be too cruel.)

Anyhoo, David Koch fired back on air after Rizvi's online gargle. And Armytage herself said she wasn't humiliated by her co-host's japery. (Wonder how Rizvi's tiny, doctrinaire mind processed that rebuke ... Probably saw it as Armytage "participating in her own oppression".)

Now, after that Sunrise segment aired some social media snark, some of it vile and nasty, was hurled back at Rizvi and Mia Freedman, publisher of the vapid online mag in which Rizvi's rant appeared. The pair then reported that they had received "rape and death threats" as a result of Kochie's "aggressive" response.

Knowing the Left's propensity for exaggeration, I must say I'm a tad skeptical about whether these responses were so severe as to actually deserve that characterization. No other details regarding them have been released (at least as far as I know). So it sounds like just more hyperventilatin' hyperbowl from a coupla pinko prima donnas determined to wring as much sympathy from their gullible acolytes as possible.

The whole episode is as silly as it is cynical ... Still, you gotta admire Freedman and Rizvi's mastery of the dark arts of mainstream meeja manipulation. They created a sexism scandal out of thin air, used it to slime a hate figure, cast themselves as victims, and used that (fictional) status to slime him all over again!

Undeniably impressive, if you're into that sort of thing.


  1. I wouldn't watch morning Tv in a fit,as it is all banal--besides, I cannot stand Kochie as they call a grown older man,or his vapid woman cohost. However, your description of the feministas is spot on,as they are all victimised often potty mouthed caricatures of womanhood and sadly don't even recognise it. Best avoided.Women who have made their own way in the world without playing victim cards are far more interesting and worthy of time,not least because they seem quite happy with their own womanhood without flaunting it in any way...As an older woman I would give these "sisters" as much time as I would a shallow self obsessed male--which is exactly ZERO..

  2. I'm glad it blew up in their faces.