Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adam Goodes and the PC emotionalism of the AFL

I'm just looking slack-jawed at this whole Adam Goodes farce. It surely is life imitating satire and vividly illustrates the sheer idiocy of the politically correct culture gripping the AFL. This purported desire to "stamp out racism" has resulted in many people completely losing their judgement and acting hysterically. The absurdity of it is simultaneously hilarious and deeply disturbing.

I've long believed that a key characteristics of the cultural Left is that they treat adults like children and vice versa. This has certainly been the case here. A thirteen year old girl has been threatened with arrest, interrogated alone for a couple of hours, publicly identified, and branded a racist in the mass media because she was heard to yell just one word (and from deep within a crowd of numerous adults also shouting abusive epithets!). On the other hand practically the entire country has been treading on egg shells so as not to upset the delicate feelings of a highly paid, much-lauded adult male footballer.

While Adam Goodes certainly has good reason to be a tad shat off about what has been said about him by both the young girl and now Eddie McGuire, both of them have apologized like crazy and the immense outpouring of support and empathy he's received from all levels of Australian society has surely been more than sufficient to assuage the hurt caused by their rudeness and stupidity. It's high time for him to just bloody well grow up and stop wallowing in his sense of victimhood.

Then there are the posturing pinko pinheads in the meeja and the halls of quackademe. These emotional exhibitionists are all weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth about the desperate hurt felt by the high profile indigenous footballer. But where's their concern for the plight of Aborigines (kids in particular) in remote communities who have such violent and wretched lives? Most of the whitey-tighty hipsters squawking about how sincerely they empathize with what a poor, oppressed Brownlow Medallist is going through couldn't give a rat's about what happens to these genuine victims of racism. Hell, with their puerile Rousseauvian BS the privileged parasites enthusiastically promote racist policies that make their dire situation even worse

Ugh! Their sanctimonious hypocrisy just makes you wanna puke doesn't it?  

Really, we've got to stop this obsession with people's feelings that the Left encourages so much. By definition they're deeply irrational, and vary wildly according to individuals. If recommended societal codes of behaviour are predicated entirely on what some pampered, egocentric emotional infant feels about how he's been treated then consistency will be rendered completely impossible and nothing will ever be good enough. The silly sporting sookarama of the last few days will become a running state right through society, with sanity and fairness a distant memory.

Thanks to the sinister, divisive culture promoted by Andrew Demetriou and his conga line of suckholes in the meeja the AFL has gone howling-at-the-moon mad. The joint's a bloody asylum until this buffoon buggers off and finds another organization to wreck, that's for sure. Thankfully, Aussie Rules is just a bloody game. But we should take heed of what's happened here and not let this disease spread any further, that's for sure.

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  1. Yes, people certainly getting things way out of proportion. Lots of people gripped with a feverish desire to puff themselves up and display their moral superiority. They tend to forget the issue is not about them.

  2. Aaron Goodes must be one damn delicate flower if 'Ape' can bring him down. He could take a cue from yours truly, who was once abused by an indigenous gent on a Perth bus. 'F*****g white c**t' is certainly no term of endearment...
    The lunacy of this affair is only highlighted by the latest story from our arts community, where confronting the audience is always essential. So now we've got people crapping into glass potties on stage.
    Our artists are busting a gut to be offensive, but the AFL falls over in a faint over a three letter word. Move over Alice, I think I've fallen through the looking glass.

  3. Yes, the extremes are amazing. You'd think the lefty thought police might realize how absurdly over the top their reactions are. But they never do.

    If you go against the politically correct line that they're all following you can get the most amazing expressions of disgust and incomprehension -- a bit like the looks you might attract if you had a crap in public! Funny, that.

  4. Let's be straight here Matt, Adam was offended by the insult because it referred to his race... not to his abilities as a footballer. Hence, the fact that he's a "highly paid, much-lauded adult male footballer" is a non-issue. Would he have had more right to be offended, in your infinite wisdom, had he been a low paid, unknown, female waitress, for example?

    Then you go on and completely misrepresent Goodes by implying that the apology wasn't "sufficient to assuage the hurt" and went so far as to state he wallowed in "victimhood".

    Epic fail Matt.

    Goodes, in fact, rather graciously accepted the apology immediately and is on record as stating: "She is 13, still so innocent. I don't put any blame on her."

    While you are, of course, entitled to your opinion, you ARE NOT entitled to invent facts in order to support your own, rather bigoted, world view.