Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fear, Islam and the Left

Watched that 7.30 Report story on Geert Wilders last night. It was terribly biased, of course. They gave a lot of prominence to some lunar leftie activists, as if they were representative to the wider population.

The little poppets were hilarious. There were shots of them drafting their placards for a demo against the Dutch politician. Being the dutiful collectivists they were, they even had to do this by committee:

HAYDEN COOPER: Ahead of the Wilders arrival in an unassuming Melbourne courtyard on Saturday afternoon, a small group of activists met to plot their protest.

ACTIVIST II: Maybe something like "Refugees are welcome, fascists are not," or, "Refugees are welcome, Geert Wilders is not," or something along those lines.

Gawd. Those poor people. They were so worried about misrepresenting the group's identity, they couldn't even come up with their own stupid slogans!

As anyone who's had anything to do with lefties knows only too well, they are terrified of being ostracised. Those who dominate such tribes know this, and use it to get what they want.

Think of what happens to scabs on the picket line, or the fate of Labor "rats". In a leftie dominated joint like Artsville, everyone is utterly terrified of transgressing the dreary PC dogmas relating to sexual identity, gender politics, climate change, and Islam to name a few. 

And I think this pervasive fear they feel is why the Left is so sympathetic to Islam (combined with that primitive belief that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", of course).

As Wilders says about Islam:

In the Islamic world, I was always struck by two things. I was impressed by the kindness and helpfulness of many people. But there was also their fear. Islamic societies are ruled by terror. Muslims are good people, but they live under the yoke of Islamic sharia. If they leave Islam, or even just mildly criticise it, they sign their own death verdict.

Contrary to what many Westerners think, Islam, rather than a religion, is a totalitarian political ideology. It is an ideology because it aims for an Islamic state and wants to impose sharia on all of us. It is totalitarian because it is not voluntary: once you are in, you cannot get out. Unlike genuine religions, Islam also makes demands on non-Muslims. We, too, are marked for death if we criticise it.

You could use a lot of those phrases to describe politically correct leftism. Sure, you're not gonna get your head cut off live on the internet for making some off colour gay joke at a plonk-sodden fringe festival shindig. But doing so could result in you being marked as One Who Does Not Obey, and mean that you'd suffer severely both personally and professionally.

Lefties know fear. They get fear. They are comfortable with fear. So it's easy to understand why they find what Wilders has to say so threatening. He wants societies that are free from fear, after all. 


  1. A cursory glance at the demographics suggests that it won't be all that much longer before Islam destroys itself from within.
    What follows? Atheism? Don't think so mate. I think Christianity might do a better job next time than this time around.

    1. Not sure where you get the idea that Islam is destroying itself from within but it certainly doesn't do anything beneficial when it and its adherants move into western liberal democracies. It's whole value/belief system is anathema to the western concept of free will and free choice in whether you believe in a religion or not and the right to argue whether your beliefs or someone elses beliefs are valid or not. We may not be at war with Islam but it islam is at war with us and our concepts and has been since its inception.

  2. Multicultural problems – my explicit comments as previously censored off the ABC Online today.

    Our fearful leaders and the left groupthink are unwilling to admit we have any problems dumping excessive numbers of new migrants into our poorest, cheapest and most disadvantaged suburbs on the fast-track program to welfare dependency, dysfunction and crime.

    Any acknowledgment of responsibility in governing mis-management is an admission of guilt and political folly – hence MP’s are ducking and weaving on the issue.

    Let a strange Dutch man raise this kind of 'elephant in the room' problem so he can be our scapegoat to demonise – He doesn’t believe Islam is a fundamentally “free“ or a “peaceful” faith.

    Then the bleating starts up... “No way don’t believe him – he’s obviously just an ignorant, hateful, racist, right-wing pig. What would he know?” It’s best to keep sweeping the problems under the carpet like the Sydney shooting crime wave – let them shoot their houses down and bleed on our streets of blood.

    In part does this remind you of rounding up our indigenous people into cheap mission reserves and then drip feeding them welfare? Surely no good can come from this attitude of social malaise and neglect. These are problems of our own design and making.