Monday, June 25, 2012

Border control is a humanitarian issue after all

Years ago, when I was doing standup comedy regularly, I used to have this routine that began with a play on the word "vegetarian". I'd say if vegetarians eat vegetables, then what do humanitarians eat? I then gave a couple of examples of well known caring, sharing types being engaged in ghoulish acts of cannibalism.

I wasn't trying to make any kind of a statement. I was just trying to get a laugh out of this weird verbal accident (which I suspect many others have stumbled on as well). But considering all these horrific drownings of people coming to Australia in leaky boats in the last few years, I think that maybe this wasn't such a verbal accident after all ... 

There is something truly ghoulish about the hand-wringing Left's insistence that only they are true humanitarians, and that anyone espousing a tough border control policy is a mean, heartless, racist bastard. How much of a humanitarian can you be when your purportedly compassionate policy lures hundred of people to their deaths?

Those espousing a "softer, kinder" asylum seeker policy say that this position is humanitarian because the influx of boats is due to push factors. These asylum seekers are fleeing danger, they say, and so they would be coming here no matter what. But the very fact that this lethal tide can be stopped (as it was in the Howard years) disproves their thesis.

But these aspects of the debate don't bother them -- nor do the deaths, for that matter! "Accidents happen", as Sarah Hanson-Young said. They consider the drowning of hundreds of men, women and children a small price to pay for maintaining their delusions about their own moral superiority.

Given that these same people are so fond of accusing conservatives of racism, it looks increasingly like their position has much to do with their own subconscious prejudice. That is, they see racism everywhere because they themselves are pathologically obsessed with race.

If the people drowning as a result of their "compassionate" policies were white, I suspect that sanctimonious lefties would actually start to see them as people, and not just acceptable collateral damage in the war against conservatism. They might actually start to understand the real reasons why so many Australians detest their stupid policies, and ultimately renounce them. They'd be doing something to save lives, not end them, then.

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