Sunday, October 30, 2011

CHOGM chuckles in Perth's Forrest Place

Living in Perth as I do, I just had to head down to CHOGM to check out the activist action on Friday. I have to say I was intrigued by the poster that had been up at various locations for quite a while.

The doe-eyed babe shown sassily speaking truth to power was undeniably striking. Would I see such a graceful and feisty creature prancing among the Occupy Perth, anti-CHOGM throng?

Sadly, no. It seems that at the typical leftist watering hole there are no gazelles, only, er, wildebeest.

Who gnu?

I had a wander through the crowd:

It was disappointingly small, particularly when you consider how much promotion had been done for the demo -- as well as all the media attention it had received.

Tellingly, the busker who showed up completely unannounced managed to pull a much bigger crowd -- and a more racially diverse one at that. (As is usually the case at such purportedly anti-racist gatherings, smug middle class whitey-tighties formed the overwhelming majority.)

Events such as the CHOGM protest have a reputation for producing some classic silly signs. And this one did not disappoint. To be honest I felt a little guilty taking photographs of them only because I thought they were so bloody stupid (and intended to say so on this blog). But those holding them seemed quite chuffed that I was doing so. Really, it was like taking candy from a baby -- and a sleeping one at that.

Anyway, for your amusement, here's an assortment:

And monarchi is slavery ... which is clearly why the Queen seems never to have been so popular in Australia as she is now.

I must admit that I was keen to join these brave cyberspace warriors and become a hero too!

But how could I do that if I didn't know who they were?

One guy was big on quoting lauded wordsmiths of yore:

Spot on. To which I'd like to add: And none are more hopelessly misguided than those who falsely believe they are changing the world .. by holding up signs.

I can't be sure, but I think this same guy produced a couple of others with a literary bent.


Considering that the joint was chockas with people who were no doubt pleased as punch about the silencing of Andrew Bolt, and that placard was only metres away from a flag proudly displaying the hammer and sickle, it did seem more than a tad ironic and sinister ...

... Orwellian, even.

Still, I shouldn't be too hard on the signs. Some of them were quite sad, and did induce feelings of pity. Like these poor waifs who had been abandoned by their creators. They were all apologetic and huddling together for comfort:

Awww ... that's okay. You little cardboard cuties, you.

The banners were highly entertaining as well -- particularly when seen in context. Take the one below:

I mean, where were the women?

Hmm. Perhaps the five white blokes were all attitudinally reconstructed male feminists, and they were taking a brave stand sit?

Though somehow I think that's unlikely. A much better explanation: This was an invasion by obnoxious misogynous phallocrats determined to crush the rebellion. If so, then this must be the only photograph of the actual patriarchy ever taken!

Take a good look at their faces, sisters. Those are the five guys who've been oppressing you all these eons.

The WA police force did have some officers determined to infiltrate the demo by posing as activists. Clearly, the operation failed.

Considering the rather inactive condition of the, er, activist shown above, it would be reasonable to conclude that the sign had been placed there by another protestor as some sort of cruel attempt at humour.

Nah! Impossible. Leftists are compassionate, remember. Only a nasty conservative could have done such a hateful thing. 

Well, one can only wonder what this was meant to mean ...

If to be gay is to be good (which it is) then this is an exhortation to homphobia. And if homophobia is bad (which it is) then this is an insult to all gays.

Either way, clearly a hate crime has been committed. Justice Mordy Bromberg and Ron Merkel QC, your next high profile show trial awaits!

PS: Bloggers can use these shots but please include a link back to this post.


  1. What an excellent article, you really created the cognitive dissonance needed to discredit the movement.

    Enjoy your frozen tv dinner troll.

    (Also, it's not your fault no girl will sleep with you)

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