Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ian Rintoul on The Bolt Report

Just watched The Bolt Report. There was a short interview with Ian Rintoul, a full on leftie who wants a very soft approach to the whole asylum seeker issue. Bolta only asked him a few questions but his responses were revealing.

When Bolt ran the line that the people smugglers were clearly testing the Government's resolve regarding their Malaysian solution by including little kids in their human cargo, Rintoul sidestepped the issue. He was clearly reluctant to judge the people smugglers. In the leftie "mind" there's no such thing as criminality. It's all just social and economic forces, you see.

When asked how he felt about the fact that so many people had died at sea as a result of border control policies that were soft, but not as soft as he would like, he weaseled out again, and did some pretty expansive contextualizing. In a probably unconscious acknowledgement that the Government's approach had cost lives he said that he didn't think "the welfare of asylum seekers was on the Government's mind". Nor on Rintoul's it seems.

Basically, what Rintoul's advocating will result in even more deaths at sea. Yet that doesn't seem to bother him. Ironic considering he and his ilk keep quacking on about how "compassionate" they are.

Have a squizz at the interview and see if you can come to a different conclusion.


  1. Yes! Rintoul's a dickhead of the highest order and is only about self as are most lefties. Very un Australian. If they were in charge this country would be a sadder place to live. Rintoul!!!! Get back to smoking the weed. How else could you come up with your rat bag ideas

  2. Totally agree, Rin"TOOL" is just that, a tool.
    Dickhead of the highest calibre that seems to think he speaks for the majority because he is so vocal on matters that if he truly cared he would be overseas fixing the problem at the source, not burdening us with issues from another country.
    Does he really expect us as a Nation to send out ships to meet and greet these queue jumpers to facilitate their safe arrival at our expense? Why not just send a few planes out to their homeland, it would be quicker *rolls eyes*

  3. Rintoul is a frickin' champion. And what's wrong with smoking weed?

    1. Nothing wrong with weed but everything wrong with Rintoul.

  4. Same crAp here in Canada,actually worse.In Quebec. Immigrants bring their paremts and grandparents,who end up collecting old age pension after ten years here,when they don't collect welfare before,drain our healthcare system,and balk when the governmemt want to change the wait time from 10 to 20 years.It seems many immigrants and especially refugees regard this country as a salvation army one and figure we owe them.I work ard,in the cold at minus twenty or thirty,in dangerous conditions,at heights or indoor in toxic fumes,and see my tax money going to leeching refugees on welfare who are entitled all kinfs of programs denied to the rest of us.
    How would one like paying for a feast denied to him while he is eating eftovers.