Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Elite product recalls

Amazing how many products are being recalled lately, innit? Every few days there's a new one.

It's all yugely ironic because the one thing that desperately needs to be recalled because of all the death and destruction it's causing is still being flogged relentlessly. I'm talking of course about the jibby-jab-jabberwocky-jabberoo. 

I suspect that most if not all these urgent messages are actually a coded way for the occult elite to symbolically alert their creepy mates about bad batches of a certain drug. One of the brands is even called "Elite". They make chocolate, among other things

The TGA is officially a complete joke now. How can you have any respect for them at all? 

That's why I think this sunscreen recall is rolled gold bollocks. Just a hunch, but I reckon these brands were chosen because of the Cancer Council label. "C" is the third letter of the alphabet, so you get a 33. Also, one of the brands is called "Baby Bum". Brings to mind kids. 

Speaking of kids, this brand might also suggest that. Kynd is like kinder, after all. 

The above product has a purple label. And it's composed of the herb ashwagandha. Interestingly it's native to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

ScoMo has also featured in an obviously fake controversy over his Sri Lankan curry cooking. That's part of this pattern too, I reckon. 

FB users pointed out that the chicken was undercooked. They mentioned the colour. What was that? Pink, natch. His update included this alliterative catchphrase: "Strong curry. Strong economy. Stronger future." 

This was reminiscent of Build Back Better, which evokes that fave secret society wanker number, 666. 

From the article: “Pray to god you don't get Salmonella eating the pink raw chicken. Eat Chicken responsibly,” one person commented of the purple-looking meat ..." 

Health risk from something pinky-purple? Fits neatly into my batshit conspiracy, dunnit

But back to the herb: I find the prefix interdasting. The local occult elite seem to have a real obsession with ash. Please check out the video below and you'll see what I'm getting at. 

Of course this is all speculation, as usual. I might be wrong on a lot of it. 

But there have been waaay too many of these product recalls lately for all, or even most, to be genuine. I reckon many have been flat out dodgied up to get more comms out about bad batches of the pink drug that dare not speak its name, along with related issues

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  1. So, sunscreen with traces of benzene, a well known carcinogen (making the suncreen into "bottled irony") is withdrawn, fair enough, but then demonising a natural medicine remedy which is withdrawn because of a few "allergic reactions", and "sanctifying" the satanically unnatural jabomination which is not being withdrawn despite a widespread allergic reaction, commonly known as death, a complete failure to stop any kind of "virus" and a growingly alarming trend of "vaccine"-induced AIDS. Hmmm, as long as their "priorities" are right.... right?

    1. Natural medicine? Ivermectin?

    2. What natural medicine are you referring to? Agree with everything else you saif