Monday, March 28, 2022

Will Smith vs Chris Rock Oscars stoush was a symbolic "code red" to global elite

That Will Smith vs Chris Rock fight at the Oscars was definitely scripted. It was a hidden message to the elite across the world. 

Will Smith's wife's name is Jada Pinkett Smith. Pink, geddit? 

"Get my wife's name our of your effing mouth." IOW, spit out that pink drug. 

"Rock" is a euphemism for it too, it seems. (Watch Aerosmith's "Pink" video on YT and you'll see heaps of occult elite symbolism in it including the white rabbit.) 

Global supplies are tainted. It's making people very sick -- I think in some cases even killing them -- all over the world. Please read these posts for context

I suspect this might have been the cause of Taylor Hawkins' death. Either a bad batch killed him, or he ran out. Or maybe he sang to the white hats taking down this trade, and had to suffer the consequences? 

Not sure, but so many stories in the MSM feature pinky-purple elements. These seem to be symbolic incantations (that is, globalist death cultists' batshit attempts to get this evil trade moving again). And I think sometimes they are hints about what might really be happening behind the scenes -- that is, the occult elite owners are getting their underlings to symbolically communicate the truth behind the obvious fiction of the fake news to their creepy mates. 

There's no doubt in my mind that the globalist elite have been packing death re this pink time bomb for a while. Among other things, they've been terrified that a certain notorious DC pizza parlor might return to public awareness. 

Note the current chatter about how Biden's dopey SCOTUS pick presided over the case of the Q-tard who shot up that stellar establishment. Normies of the world are now joining the dots on that with a vengeance. 

That is of course the Great Resetters' greatest fear. And it explains this:

Remember, they can't send out snail mail letters, e-mails, or texts telling users to avoid their fave indulgence, now can they? So they have to resort to these coded methods. 

Crazy as it sounds, I think that protest at Spit Bridge was a local attempt at this as well. So too were those signs in Sydney's eastern suburbs about how racists were not welcome in the area. They were red and white and pink, after all. I think they were meant to stir up controversy to try and get the local elites to join the dots and realize that those colors were now toxic somehow. 

And what better way to reach their target audience of elite across the world than via perhaps the most widely watched TV event of all, the Oscars? 

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