Thursday, March 3, 2022

Vlad the Invader

If you think I'm "out where the buses don't go" with my "hidden global trade in blood" theory, check this out. This is the February 26 issue of the Failing Terrorgraph

More hiding in plain sight on the cover. Headline tells those in the know that Vladimir Putin is out to clean up the criminal cesspit that is Ukraine. Remember, that nation is a hub for child trafficking among other horrific crimes. Blood is harvested from those kids, and transported all over the world. 

So, they're tryna portray Putin as the new Vlad the Impaler. He's "Dracula in charge of the blood bank". Classic projection. 

This is the same issue. Note the red theme. Fight or flight refers to adrenaline. It's a message to local oxidized adrenaline junkies. It's telling them it's all about to go belly up there. 

Still the same issue, local story. Pumping -- like a heart, geddit! 

The editor's clearly had a rush of blood to the head ... Or maybe that's a rush of Bud

I've seen heaps of similar imagery in the putrid fake news MSM since. And here's something I just spotted today. 

This heartbreak motif is often used to allude to this evil industry, as is the colour pink. Notice how her pillow includes that colour. And the term "bloody war" is used. 

It's a bloody war, alright. Putin is taking out the bloodsucking trash. Won't be too long before we get to do that here. 

People have to realize that there really is a massive, entrenched globalist control system of which the child trafficking and adrenalized blood drug industry are a crucial part. They must also understand that our entire MSM and political establishment are ultimately controlled by it -- even if that's mostly indirectly. 

Next few months Aussies are gonna be shocked to the core as more and more of this evil shit is exposed. It will be traumatic but we will win. 

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  1. I think you are exactly right over the target with your 'dreno/blood take. Massive ops underway for 2 years over Australia/WW. Read this from August,2021. (Melb)