Thursday, January 27, 2022

A shaggy dog horror story

The Failing Terrograph often equates dogs and other animals with kids. And there's heaps of imagery that shows them (and children) being transported somehow. This is usually related to roads and cars, bringing to mind traffic. But there's also been a lot of this imagery involving boats and other marine craft lately

Take this item from late November last year. 

Note the blue craft and the pink jackets. "Dog days" evokes Sirius, the dog star

Shaggy also has a double meaning. As well as the pooches' fur it brings to mind Austin Powers, right? 

This looks like comms related to an evil, horrific hidden trade.

Here's another example for you to consider. It's from January 18. Look on the left hand side. There's a headline about child's play as well as parents needing to keep an eye on data. 

Given their love of one eye symbolism, are they referring to a powerful group who are the globalist system's "parents"? 

As well as the blue dog in the water, notice the headline above. "Leaky Libs" brings to mind water. 

The pooch's head is just above water, which I think is a variation on the "heads up" motif that the rag often uses. (That's when the subject's head pokes up through the border of the story.) 

It could also be comms related to some sort of failure in this industry. Hence the exhortation to "get pups in the swim". 

Right below the submerged hound image are items about Ghislaine Maxwell and the mega-rich getting richer. More clues as to what these pages are really about, methinks.  

Check out how one of the kids on the other page has his left foot forward, echoing the paddling labrador's pose, thereby equating him with the "pup" (as the headline describes him). 

Note how his sole is exposed. They absolutely love this motif. You see it all the time

And the word "exposed" itself is underneath it. Like all the other elements on these pages, that was not placed there by chance. 

I'm not exactly sure what all this means. But I am sure it's not good. 

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