Thursday, December 16, 2021

Save the tiny dancers

I have posted before about the sinister symbolic patterns in the mainstream media, Daily Telegraph in particular. They relate to headlines and images and their placement on the pages. Clever wordplay, often involving cultural references, is regularly employed.

One of the dominant patterns seems to relate to child trafficking. In this, images of kids, or stories about them, are placed near others about cars, roads, public transport and the like. This phenomenon is so frequent it simply cannot be explained merely by chance. Here are a couple more examples so you can see I'm not making this up. 

This is from the September 24 issue. Note the story on the right. It's about how the 'rona lockdowns have adversely affected elite young athletes' prospects of success because they haven't been able to compete as often as they have in the past. The gymnast featured is fourteen. Note the road metaphor. 

Also, look at the stories on the adjacent page. There's one about students returning, which of course involves transport. The one below is about laneways driving recovery thanks to all the hip bars in them. Again, what are the odds? 

The two dudes are enjoying a celebratory drop. The paper includes many other references to drinking alcohol -- red wine in particular -- that are similarly sinister. Definitely another (white) rabbit hole there

Whoever is writing the headlines is very clever with words, and culturally literate. He's carefully choosing his references for the amusement of a very select audience so it's worth investigating them closely. The headline brings to mind the movie Girl, Interrupted

This was a very-adult themed and harrowing film about a teenager committed to a mental institution after having an affair with a much older man. In the flick, the inmates spend a lot of time in tunnels under the asylum. One scene includes a Wizard of Oz reference along with ones to child torture and the Deep State. Also, the poster uses classic one eye symbolism, a favourite of the occult elite

Check out the photo at the bottom of the story. A soccer ball is featured. That could be another intentional symbol because there's a theory that this is meant to evoke the molecular structure of a notorious psychedelic compound that is meant to be mythical but is actually real. It's also symbolized by red wine and roses (see the other video, linked above). 

This soccer ball placement may be unintentional. But given how carefully these matrices are constructed it might not be. So I'm including it for your consideration. 

Below is another example of this pattern from a more recent issue (November 5). As you can see, there's a photo of some little girls, with the headline "Showtime for these tiny dancers". Notice the car ad on the opposite page.

The girls wear pinky-red tutus. And look at the first word of the ad above.

Again, could be a coincidence. But these images and headlines are arranged painstakingly, so I think it might have been another reason that particular ad was placed next to the story. 

Look at the headline for the story about councils' pay. It describes a pay "blowout". This can happen to tyres as well, right? 

Then there's the ad at the bottom. It's for a program aimed at preventing radicalization and is called "Step Together". That's exactly what three of the "tiny dancers" are doing, right?

This idea of lockstep is another recurring motif. That same ad was used in a similar way at least one other time.  

But back to the song "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Absolutely classic, beautiful song. And I doubt anything sinister was intended in its creation -- or the making of the official video clip, for that matter. 

But look closely at the lyrics and think of them in the context of the undeniable pattern I've described above. 

But oh how it feels so real

Lying here with no one near

Only you and you can hear me

When I say softly slowly

Hold me closer tiny dancer

Count the headlights on the highway

Lay me down in sheets of linen

You had a busy day today

Hold me closer tiny dancer

Count the headlights on the highway

Lay me down in sheets of linen

You had a busy day today

Now watch the video below, mindful of the theme being alluded to in the paper. 

Kinda ruins the vibe a bit, dunnit? And that's putting it mildly ... 

Not for some readers, however. They're actually savouring it.

Think about that.

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  1. Maaate... you might be onto something. And could that soccer ball in a circular photo be interpreted as an eye, a favourite symbol of occultists?